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Commentary | May 1, 2024

Revolutionizing Reserve Mobilization: Introducing the Reserve Mobilization Team 

By Cmdr. Jasmine Barnard, Chief Warrant Officer Sara Cook and Chief Warrant Officer Millie Rocklage, U.S. Coast Guard Operations Logistics Command-Personnel & Reserve Force Readiness Division (LOG-1)

Being a Coast Guard reservist presents unique challenges, particularly when balancing your civilian work commitments and personal obligations with Reserve training duties. When called upon by the Coast Guard for contingency response or critical mission needs, reservists should be focusing on the adjustment leaving home for a response and not have to worry about Coast Guard administrative hurdles. However, delays in receiving orders, benefits, pay, and medical care have been persistent concerns for reservists and their leadership alike.  

The Reserve Mobilization Team (RMT) has been created to address these challenges. This initiative aims to streamline the mobilization process, ensuring timely issuance of orders and reducing administrative burdens for reservists. Drawing inspiration from the Deployable Specialized Elements (DSE) within the Deputy Commandant for Mission Support (DCMS), such as Personnel Support Teams (PST) and Mobile Support Units (MSU), the RMT will centralize and expedite the mobilization process.  

Traditionally, Reserve orders are handled by multiple individuals across different offices, leading to inefficiencies and delays. The RMT, comprised of reservists within LOG-1 and yeomen from various field units, will be activated to assist members and singularly process these steps traditionally handled by multiple parties. By consolidating responsibilities under one umbrella within LOG-1, the RMT seeks to improve efficiency and responsiveness.  

With support from the Assistant Commandant of Reserve, the Operations and Logistics Command (LOGCOM) spearheaded the creation and testing of the RMT. During this recent beta test, the RMT successfully mobilized 55 reservists for the Coast Guard Recruiting Command (CGRC) Incident Management Team within two weeks prior to the Direct Access December shut down. Without this team, CGRC knew it was impossible to deliver over 50 sets of orders within that timeline. This pilot demonstrated significant improvements, with 79% of orders delivered to members within two days of notification and the rest within four days. Additionally, the centralized RMT identified and addressed issues with personnel records, preventing potential delays in DD-214 issuance. The success of the pilot program has garnered positive feedback from the field and senior leadership, leading to approval for full implementation!  

LOGCOM is establishing the RMT as a Deployable Support Element within the DCMS Contingency Support Plan 9930, which is the document governing the Coast Guard emergency response structure during contingencies—guiding response operations. This initiative marks a significant step forward in enhancing the efficiency of the Reserve mobilization processes. To support the expansion of the RMT, volunteers from field units will be solicited to take on roles in order creation and execution, remotely. 

For Reserve yeomen seeking professional growth, the RMT offers a valuable opportunity to contribute to the efficiency of Reserve mobilization while enhancing their skills and experience. This is a collateral duty in conjunction with a Selected Reserve position.  If selected for assignment, the member will only be activated for contingencies and will provide RMT support virtually/remotely. For personnel that frequently volunteer for Active Duty for Operational Support throughout the Service, this may not be suitable option as it could potentially conflict with other orders.   

As the RMT continues to evolve and expand its capabilities, it will play a vital role in supporting various contingencies and operations. Reservists interested in joining this innovative initiative are encouraged to review ALCOAST 189/24 for eligibility and application requirements. 

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