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My Coast Guard
Commentary | May 20, 2024

Happy National SAR Week!

The week leading up to Memorial Day is designated as National SAR Week!  The bipartisan Senate resolution passed unanimously to set aside this week to honor the Nation’s Search and Rescue personnel. 

Rescuers from around the globe risk their lives every day to respond to the call for help, so that others may live.  In FY23, the Coast Guard rescued 5,778 lives and saved $74.5 million dollars in property.  This operational success is not without help, of course.  We rely heavily upon our many state, local, tribal, federal and international partners to ensure we – and the entire Global SAR System - are best positioned to rescue people in distress. 

Help us celebrate these rescues by following the Office of Search and Rescue (@USCG) via social media as we reach out to educate boaters, outdoorsmen, and recreational aviators about search and rescue, and how to prepare for a safe summer on the water.

Thank you for joining the Office of Search and Rescue as we celebrate our responders and prepare for the busy summer months ahead.