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My Coast Guard
Commentary | May 21, 2024

EPM-3 announces new enlisted evaluation tools

By AJ Pulkkinen, MyCG writer

The Enlisted Personnel Management Evaluations Branch (EPM-3) has created four new tools to help members, supervisors, and commands maximize the Enlisted Evaluation System: 

The Enlisted Evaluation Report is the single most important document for enlisted advancements, assignments, selection for command cadre, advanced education, special assignments, and boards and panels. EPM-3 offers these new tools, training, and other resources, (like the list of approved abbreviations and acronyms, and relevant message traffic and instructions) on the EPM-3 SharePoint site.  

Bullet Writing Guide V.1 

For most, writing bullets on your own performance is challenging. This first version of the Bullet Writing Guide recommends taking notes throughout your marking period using whatever method works best for you. Using this guide, you will be able to craft bullets that clearly articulate how you achieved or exceeded the standards, focusing on Action – Data – Impact.  

Evaluee’s Guide for Mid-Period Counseling  

This guide helps members prepare for mid-period counseling and discuss performance and expectations. It lists what you should bring (your last EER, a self-evaluation of your performance, bullet list for current period, and goals), talking points to discuss, and questions you may want to consider asking during the counseling session.  

Supervisor’s Guide for Mid-Period Counseling 

Similar to the Evaluee’s Guide, the Supervisor’s Guide for Mid-Period Counselling helps supervisors to discuss performance and expectations with their members. Mid-period counseling helps to ensure members are not surprised by their marks. Beyond that, and as this guide suggests, supervisors can use the mid-period counseling as a dedicated time to invest in members to understand their goals and aspirations so supervisors are better positioned to assist and guide them. 

Expandable Standardized Support Forms 

EPM-3 has made it easier for you to provide supporting documentation to your supervisor. Not only does it have the dimension definitions and the 2, 4, and 6 standard for each, but also the comment blocks in this standard word document expand as you type in your supporting bullets. 


As these tools are new, EPM-3 welcomes your feedback on how to make them more effective and useful. If you have best practices and suggestions to improve these tools, please email and let them know!