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My Coast Guard
Commentary | May 28, 2024

Sexual assault and sexual harassment in the Coast Guard

By Adm. Linda Fagan

I know many of you have seen and heard, as I have, the recent accounts of Coast Guard members who experienced sexual assault and sexual harassment in the Service. 

To those that have experienced these crimes, I am sorry. I deeply regret the harm and loss of trust this has caused. 

As Commandant, it is my responsibility to rebuild your trust. 

I need your help with this – your passion, your action, and advocacy. Combating misconduct at all levels requires every one of us to champion our Core Values and speak up for what is right. 

This includes holding commands and leaders, at all levels, accountable for their actions and the command climates they create. It is also important that we uphold the due process and privacy rights that all our members are entitled to by law. 

Please know that the Coast Guard cannot guarantee that it will see or be able to act on social media posts or other informal communications. I recognize that making a report can be a deeply personal and challenging decision. The best way to help ensure accountability is to report via the options below. 

I understand that words alone are not enough to repair the trust that has been broken. With nearly four decades in the Service, I know firsthand that the system has not always served our members as it should; however, the Coast Guard is hard at work, and I am proud of the progress and improvements we have made. 

I am dedicated to demonstrating through actions and change that the Coast Guard is worthy of your trust and respect.