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My Coast Guard
Commentary | May 31, 2024

Coast Guard announces new recruiting initiative beta test

By AJ Pulkkinen, MyCG writer

Graduates of recruit training who enlisted under the Return to You (RTY) Program can be assigned to a unit located within their home Sector’s geographic area of responsibility (AOR). For instance, if the prospective applicant resides within Sector Virginia’s AOR, they may be assigned to Sector Virginia, one of Sector Virginia’s subunits, Base Portsmouth, a cutter homeported in Sector Virginia’s AOR, if a billet is available.  

Similar to the existing and continuing Guaranteed District enlistment initiative, members who enlist under Return to You are guaranteed to remain assigned within that area for a minimum of one year.  

Only units in the following Coast Guard Districts are eligible to participate in the one-year beta test: 

  • First Coast Guard District (D1): Northeast 
  • Fifth Coast Guard District (D5): Mid-Atlantic 
  • Ninth Coast Guard District (D9): Great Lakes 
  • Thirteenth Coast Guard District (D13): Pacific Northwest 

The Return to You Program increases the applicant pool by reducing the concerns of some prospective applicants, and their families, of enlisting and immediately being assigned far from home and existing support networks. Joining under RTY returns new members near to their home to maintain existing community connections so they do not need to simultaneously adjust to the military way of life AND being away from the support they have built. 

It also provides incentives for you to Scout Talent and Refer (STAR) high quality candidates to fill gaps at your own or nearby units. Many units have established strong relationships with their local communities. If you know good people interested in joining and staying close to home initially, talk with them about this option so you can cash in on STAR and help your Coast Guard region fill vacant billets.