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Commentary | June 5, 2024

OPM streamlines the Continuity OER

By Officer Evaluation Branch, Officer Personnel Management Division (OPM-3)

The Coast Guard is streamlining Continuity Officer Evaluation Reports (OERs) and reducing administrative burdens on the workforce by extending the Continuity OER period of report from 18 to 24 months for eligible officers. This update also gives Chief Warrant Officer 4s (W-4s) the option to submit a Continuity OER after their first annual W-4 OER. 
For those retiring regular officers eligible to submit a Continuity OER, the OER period of report was extended to 24 months from the previous 18-month limit from their last OER in response to workforce feedback about the burden of completion of an annual OER in the spring and another continuity OER within the next six months. The new policy does not allow for multiple continuity OERs to capture a 24-month period. Back-to-back Continuity OERs are still prohibited per PSCINST M1611.1D. Documentation of an officer’s performance helps determine assignments, promotions, characterization of service, and eligibility for retired recalls. 
For W-4s who have already completed at least one regular annual W-4 OER, please complete the following steps: 

  • Use the “Occasion for Report” drop down menu to select “Semiannual/Annual/Biennial” and use the “Reason for Report” drop down menu to select “OTHER (Specify in Block 2)” 
  • In the Description of Duties section (Block 2), the comments should specify why this OER is required (e.g. “Continuity OER submitted due to sustained comparable performance this period.”) 
  • No other comments are required but commands can write more if they choose 

However, W-4s should be cognizant of their career plans when deciding if a Continuity OER is best for them. As is the case with all assignments, OERs are a key factor for assignment officer (AO) reviews. Therefore, a Continuity OER may not be in a member’s best interest if they are considering applying to popular locations and/or billets for assignments. 
OPM-3 is committed to finding new ways to reduce paperwork and administrative burdens on members and commands. If you have any questions, please contact OPM-3