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Resource | Jan. 28, 2021

Voting (Military)

Coast Guard Federal Voting Assistance Program

While many Coast Guard military members and their families will be far from home on Election Days, they will be able to cast their votes -- thanks to absentee ballots and the Coast Guard's Voting Assistance Program. 

The Voting Assistance Guide and your Command Voting Assistance Officer can assist you with registering and requesting a ballot using the Federal Postcard Application (FPCA) Standard Form 76. Completing the FPCA and sending it to your local voting jurisdiction is all it takes.

The best time to apply for an absentee ballot is more than 90 days before the election.

In most states, ballots are mailed to voters 45 days before the election.

Remember, every vote counts. You are a part of this nation's way of life by exercising your right to vote!

How to Register for an FVAP Portal Account:

  1. Visit
  2. Look for the Admin Portal (small print) link in the bottom right hand corner of the page.
  3. Click on the link and follow the instructions.
  4. Ensure you register as a UVAO or Recruiting Officer, as appropriate.

Useful Information: