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Professional Resources

Resource | Dec. 21, 2020


Mentoring Program The Coast Guard's mentoring program - available by app in the palm of your hand - has four different paths to help you develop your leadership skills.

Mentorship The Coast Guard Mentoring Toolkit is designed for those seeking a mentor, or available to be a mentor. The toolkit can also connect you to a mentoring network throughout the Department of Homeland Security and the federal government.

DHS Mentoring Program Mentoring relationships benefit the employee, the mentor, and their employers. DHS’s program is a formal program to help employees build experience, knowledge and skills to help them become more effective leaders. The solicitation period opens in October every year, and is open to employees at the GS-14 level and below.

DHS Leader Development Speakers Talent Bank The leader talent bank is a library of volunteers made up of DHS-employed instructors, motivational speakers, facilitators, coaches, and academic lecturers. Members of the DHS Leader Development Speakers Talent Bank share enthusiasm and interest in speaking or facilitating audiences on a wide variety of topics—essential to leader development in DHS. Related: “Announcing the DHS Leader Development Speakers Talent Bank.”

Army Civilian Career Development Program The Coast Guard partners with the U.S. Army so that Coast Guard civilians can enroll in a yearlong professional development program focused on building senior leadership competencies. Check out this MyCG article on the program.