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Commentary | Nov. 12, 2020

Stronger Together – Update to Anti-Harassment and Hate Incident Procedure 

By Master Chief Petty Officer Jeremiah Wolf, Office of Budget and Programs 

In an effort to help commands build an inclusive environment, free of harassment, the Coast Guard recently released several important updates to the Anti-Harassment and Hate Incident (AHHI) policies. 

The Coast Guard is steadfast and enduring in this commitment build a culture where women and men at all levels of our organization feel empowered to stop harassing behaviors. This extends to the highest levels of our Service. Harassment erodes mission readiness, is in direct violation of law and our core values of Honor and Respect, and is simply not tolerated in the Coast Guard. 

We have implemented all of the recommendations in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of the Inspector General report, as well as those in the 2019 “Righting the Ship” congressional report. This includes new policy governing the investigative process and redefining the criteria and process for Anti-Harassment/Hate Incidents (AHHI) reporting and investigations. This also includes mandatory training for AHHI investigators. 

The revised AHHI investigation process is designed to assist commands in promoting an environment that is free of bullying and harassment through transparency and accountability. Under this policy, commands can assign an impartial third party to investigate the incident, determine if harassing behavior exists, and follow a clearly defined process for holding members accountable. The AHHI process provides victims of harassment another avenue in addition to the Equal Employment Opportunity/ Equal Opportunity (EEO/EO) process to report behaviors that may impact workplace climate. Members may choose to make an AHHI report, or an EEO/EO claim, or pursue both. 

To improve the transparency of the AHHI process, and to promote respect throughout the service, the Coast Guard implemented the following updates: 

  • Updated the Civil Rights Manual. 
  • Updated the Discipline and Conduct Manual. 
  • Published Anti-Harassment and Hate Incident Investigator Tactics Techniques and Procedures Job Aid. 
  • Updated Commanders Quick Reference Guide. 
  • Updated training for AHHI investigators, training for command leadership courses, and training for members to recognize and avoid harassing behaviors. 

Please see all these tools and more at this website.

One of the Commandant’s top priorities is a workplace free of harassing behaviors. As leaders, we must continue to seek out opportunities to eliminate harassment/hate, and foster an respectful environment that produces a mission-ready workforce which reflects the public we serve.

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