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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Feb. 9, 2021

MyCG app is a news hub on your phone

By Christie St. Clair

The Coast Guard has launched an app to support our members, civilians and families. The MyCG app lets you bring MyCG on the go, plus helpful new tools you can’t get anywhere else.

The MyCG app is free, and available through the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Features include all the news you find on MyCG, plus:

  • Multimedia content
  • A monthly poll
  • Calendars
  • COVID-19 updates
  • General messages (ALCGOFF, ALCGENL, and more)
  • Social media links
  • Resources to support your career and personal life

MyCG is a Coast Guard-wide effort to modernize and centralize organizational communications. The system launched in August 2020, after multiple studies found Coast Guard members and families were getting bombarded with too much information, some of which wasn’t relevant to them. The site is intended to share news, resources, and announcements in a user-friendly way that is easy for everyone to access.

Following its successful launch, the MyCG team has continued to mature and expand the site, adding new features and functions. Today’s app rollout represents the latest milestone in the Coast Guard’s MyCG transformation. As we continue to evolve MyCG – and the ways we communicate with all members of the Coast Guard family – we hope MyCG will become your one-stop to find key news and resources.

Another major update is the new MyCG All Hands Briefer. Just subscribe on MyCG, and you’ll start getting a weekly roundup of key news sent right to your inbox. 

Commands are requested to encourage all hands to download the app from major app stores, and subscribe to the MyCG All Hands Briefer