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Gyms, pools, bowling and golf: CGX starts funding major morale projects

By MyCG Staff


The Coast Guard Exchange had a very good year. To spread the love, they created a new program to fund Morale, Wellness and Recreation (MWR) and Child Development Center (CDC) projects greater than $25,000. 

The new initiative is intended to improve workforce morale, as part of the Coast Guard’s continuing effort to support the whole Coast Guard family.
“The goal of this program is to maximize non-pay benefits of being a Coast Guard member,” said Capt. Jeff Eldridge, commanding officer of the Community Services Command (CSC), which runs the Coast Guard Exchange (CGX). “We hope this process will allow units to make lasting material improvements to their MWR programs, which will meet the overall intent of the Coast Guard MWR program to improve the readiness, retention and resiliency of the Coast Guard workforce.” 

All submissions must be routed through your unit’s commanding officer and then your district’s MWR director. 

Projects should cost more than $25,000 and fall into the following general categories:

  1. Fitness - Indoor Gyms; Fitness - Outdoor Gyms; Fitness - basketball courts; Fitness - Indoor Courts (volleyball/racquetball); Fitness - Outdoor Fields/Courts; Indoor/Outdoor Recreation; Unit Events; Other.
  2. CDC programs; Youth Programs; Auto Hobby; Bowling; Library; Theater; Pool; Arts & Crafts; Other.
  3. Food & Beverage Operations; Lodging; Watercraft; RV Lot; Lodging (Campgrounds); Golf; Other.

CSC will oversee the new MWR Capital Improvement Fund through an MWR Capital Investment Board (CIB), which is composed of key stakeholders across the Coast Guard. The CIB will also give the NPCP BODs a prioritized list of projects to be funded.

Questions? Email your feedback or reach out to your district MWR director listed below:

  D1: Ms. Jennifer Young - (617) 223-3467 
  D5: Ms. Sandra Hardison - (757) 483-8671 
  D7: Mr. Stephen Ondriezek - (305) 535-4564 
  D8: Chief Warrant Officer Christopher Hedrick - (504) 253-4795 
  D9: Chief Warrant Officer Megan Johnson - (216) 902-6282
  D11: Ms. Laurie Capp-Carter - (510) 437-3579 
  D13: Ms. James Graddy - (206) 217-6357
  D14: Mr. Neil Morgan - (808) 842-2953 
  D17: Mr. Richard Carmen - (907) 487-5390