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Commentary | March 2, 2021

Coast Guard announces April 2021 Body Composition Screening process 

By MyCG Staff

The Coast Guard will conduct Body Composition Screenings (BCS) in April, with mitigations to account for COVID-19’s ongoing impact on the workforce. Full policy details were announced in ACN 023/21.

The cornerstone of personal readiness is health and well-being and to assist in the assessment of readiness, a modified BCS will be held this April. 

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has required adjustments. Last year, spring BCS were cancelled and fall screenings were held for data collection purposes only. 

Why are we holding April BCS?

The primary goal for the April BCS is to help all members achieve body composition standards by the fall. 

Any member not within BCS standards will receive a medical screening, and provided with nutritional assistance and safe weight-loss counseling to help them achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The administrative actions normally associated with body composition probation will not apply to any member who completes the April BCS. Specifically, members:  

  • Will not be put on probation
  • Will not receive a "strike"
  • Will be allowed to advance, promote, or be frocked, and take special assignments
  • Will not be required to be marked three or below on OER/EER
  • Will be permitted to integrate on time from reserve status
  • Will be permitted to execute PCS, School, and ADOS/TDY orders

Here’s what else you need to know about April BCS:

  • All military members must complete the April 2021 Semiannual BCS; unit commanders will ensure compliance.
  • Members must have height (if not done yet on current tour) and weight checked; if not within Maximum Allowable Weight (MAW), members must be taped by the method of their choice. The options are 2/3 site taping or Abdominal Circumference (AC) taping. If not in compliance with initial taping method, members may be measured using the other taping method. 
  • Members found not to be in compliance with the BCS will be referred to their servicing medical provider for nutritional assistance and safe weight loss counseling. Once members have completed this medical counseling they will be marked compliant. 
  • The boat crew physical fitness test (PFT) will be an optional method of compliance in April, as part of the continued pilot program. 
  • After members have completed the April BCS, they will be exempt from further BCS measurements (e.g., before executing orders) until the next BCS in October. 
  • The full Body Composition Screening requirements will be in effect in October.

Commands: What You Need to Know

Unit commands are to assist members in seeking medical, health, and wellness resources and ensure completion of the April 2021 BCS. 

“I ask all leaders take the time to understand this policy change and be prepared to support service members who need assistance or guidance complying with body composition standards,” said Rear Adm. Joanna M. Nunan, the assistant commandant for human resources. “In addition, I ask you to ensure our workforce has the maximum opportunity to demonstrate compliance with the standards.”


  • COVID-19: Mitigations to the Body Composition Program for April 2021 Semiannual Body Composition Screening ACN 023/21 
  • Visit the Coast Guard Body Composition Program website for FAQs and other resources.
  • Please send general and policy questions to
  • Contact CG SUPRT to get a free health coach: 855-CG-SUPRT (247-8778)