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My Coast Guard
Commentary | April 7, 2021

TODAY: Learn about the Coast Guard’s network of support services available to you

By Keisha Reynolds, MyCG Staff Writer

Asking for help can sometimes be difficult, however, knowing your available Coast Guard resources can help alleviate concerns about accessing the care you need. Join this week’s Wellness Wednesday guests: Employee Assistance Program Manager, Christiana Montminy; Deputy Chaplain David Stroud; and Cmdr. Marion Collins, from the Regional Behavioral Health Technical Authority under Coast Guard’s Operational Medicine; as they discuss service similarities and differences offered by the employee assistance program, chaplains and our medical mental health providers. The session will be held today on CVR Teams at 3 p.m. EST.

Montminy summarizes the purpose of today’s session stating, “It’s an opportunity for us to talk about the ways we provide cohesive and collaborative support for our members and their families.” She continued, “We each offer different but collaborative avenues of support. When someone comes to any of us, we look at the presenting need, issue or challenge and then our goal is to get the beneficiary to the right care within the quickest amount of time—it’s well-rounded customer care.”

The presenters will share the network of services their programs offer in a roundtable, question-answer format. They also plan to address concerns about how privacy and confidentiality is managed at the Coast Guard.

“We want people to walk away with knowing that help is always available,” said Montminy. “People will always get what they need, and have choices in their care.”

If you have questions or suggestions, you may e-mail If you would like to see previous Wellness Wednesday recordings, they are available on the CG-11 CG Portal webpage. Please join this CVR Teams link below to attend Wellness Wednesday from your CG computer, personal computer or mobile device. Even if you do not have a account, you can still watch the stream via the link above. If you wish to maintain anonymity, log out of your normal (USCG/DOD) CVR account and join as a guest. You may also call (571) 388-3904; Conference ID 453 387 852#.