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My Coast Guard
Commentary | June 24, 2021

Bravo Zulu: Reserve enlisted aviation workforce program announced

By Shana Brouder, MyCG Writer

Establishment of a reserve enlisted aviation workforce: On June 10, 2021, the Coast Guard officially announced the reserve enlisted aviation workforce. This program was designed to create an aviation surge and mobilization capability, retain aviation technical expertise, and develop a career path for aviation personnel in the reserve component. The program provides reserve career opportunities for all aviation ratings—aviation electronics technician (AET), aviation maintenance technician (AMT), and aviation survival technician (AST). The primary objective of this reserve workforce is to develop a ground-based aviation maintenance and aviation life-support equipment maintenance capability. Details about the program’s eligibility requirements and application process can be found in the Establishment of Reserve Enlisted Aviation Workforce ALCOAST 216/21.

Solicitation—Deputy Command for Mission Support Excellence in Customer Service Award: The Excellence in Customer Service Award is given out to one large unit, one small unit, and up to five teams or individuals this year. The award recognizes those units, teams, and individuals within the mission support community who demonstrate a commitment to providing superior service to their customers, leading to clearly tangible results. Commanding officers or staff elements recommending units, teams, or individuals for this award should route a nomination memorandum through the first flag in their chain of command for approval. The memorandum must include: 1) a narrative account of the demonstrated commitment to providing excellent customer service, including the positive impact to operations or service readiness; and 2) any additional relevant documentation that clearly demonstrates the resulting impacts to operations or readiness. Approved memorandums are due to the Office of Mission Support Integration (DCMS-5) no later than February 28, 2022. To learn more about eligibility criteria and what types of accomplishments should be considered for nomination, please see the Deputy Commandant for Mission Support Excellence in Customer Service Award ALCOAST 224/21.

Coast Guard appoints a Senior Advisor for Diversity and Inclusion: Congratulations to Michelle Godfrey for being named the Interim Senior Advisor for Diversity and Inclusion (SADI). As the SADI, Godfrey is responsible for providing advice, guidance, and coordination for all matters related to diversity and inclusion. This will remain in effect until a permanent SADI position is established. To read more about what exactly Godfrey will be advising the Commandant directly on, please see the Designation of Senior Advisor for Diversity and Inclusion ALCOAST 222/21.

Updates on the Coast Guard organizational assessment survey: Due to firewall issues, email distribution of the 2021 Coast Guard organizational assessment survey (OAS) has only reached 42% of the workforce. Individuals are hard at work to get this resolved as quickly as possible. While there is no concrete time frame, we are hopeful that members will receive their survey invitation by the end of next week—June 25, 2021. The survey period will also be extended by a month to maximize members’ participation. Please email any questions you may have about the OAS. More information can be found in the 2021 Coast Guard Organizational Assessment Survey (CG-OAS) - Issues ALCOAST 221/21.

2021 Federally Employed Women Virtual Leadership Summit II updates: The 2021 Federally Employed Women (FEW) Virtual Leadership Summit (VLS) will be held August 9-13, 2021 as a fully online, virtual experience. The purpose of the FEW VLS II event is to provide the workforce with education, career development, and training opportunities. There will be over 100 specialized courses on a variety of topics alongside a variety of professionals, including but not limited to equal employment opportunity (EEO) professionals, human resources professionals, information technology professionals, project management professionals, and management professionals. Registration fees will be at the expense of the unit. The FEW VLS II are $399 for FEW members and $699 members for non-FEW members. If you are interested in attending, please see the 2021 Federally Employed Women (FEW) Virtual Leadership Summit (VLS) II ALCOAST 223/21 for the details.

Solicitation- 2021 LATINA Style Distinguished Military Service Award: The 2021 LATINA Style Distinguished Military Service Award honors women who have enhanced the role of Latinas in the Coast Guard for the period of August 2020 to July 2021. This award is open to Coast Guard servicemembers (active duty or reserve) and civilian employees. Nomination packages must include a narrative describing the accomplishments justifying recognition (no longer than two pages), a citation highlighting the nominee’s accomplishments (not exceeding 12 lines), a biography of the nominee (no longer than one page), a digital photo of the nominee, a command cover memo, and an award nomination transmittal form. For more information regarding this solicitation, please see the 2021 LATINA Style Distinguished Military Service Award ALCOAST 225/21.