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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Aug. 26, 2021

WATCH: Coming soon, training for the new travel system

By MyCG Staff

Master Chief Petty Officer Patricia Pilkington talks about the new travel system E-Gov Travel System, or ETS, coming on board Oct 1, 2021. Pilkington talks about training that users can expect to undergo prior to the new system going live at the beginning of the new fiscal year.

Learn about when to expect training for system administrators or approver roles as well as for travelers coming soon.

Stay tuned for more information.

Video script:

Hi Shipmates, I’m Master Chief Patricia Pilkington, back to talk with you about our new travel system, E-Gov Travel System, or ETS, which is coming online October first of this year. Along with ETS is the new Financial Management System, or FSMS. All of this is coming on board to comply with Federal Travel Regulations and the Anti-Deficiency Act. 

Last time we met, I introduced this all-in-one travel system that will help every member with booking travel, creating and approving your orders, and submitting your travel claim. So let’s talk training.  

As mentioned in my last video, training the Coast Guard workforce on ETS and FSMS before we go-live on October first is a top priority. Our implementation teams are developing a training plan that will include online resources such as user guides, video tutorials, and online forums. These teams are identifying the primary user populations to receive training, as well as establishing the best delivery method for training each group of users. Right now that population looks to be for travelers, system administrators and approvers.  

Along with developing the training, we are determining how much training for each group and user role will be needed in order to be successful using ETS.  

If you are in an system adminstrator or approver role, please expect to begin your training in August. If you are a traveler, please expect to begin your training in September. Each week leading up to go-live we are planning to have multiple two to four hour class training sessions for these user populations until we go live on October first. After go-live, our sessions will continue on a bi-weekly basis up until the new calendar year.  

As I mentioned before, this will be a big change to how we book travel and file travel claims, but you won’t be at this alone. We will have our Travel Assist Teams available for you to answer any questions or concerns leading up to implementation and after go-live.  

In the meantime, please check the link below for upcoming information on training sessions and times ( 

Again, thank-you for all you do and Semper Paratus!