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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Sept. 1, 2021

Life transformations begin with food choices and movement—a Wellness Wednesday discussion

By Keisha Reynolds, MyCG Wrtier

Since our bodies and minds are directly impacted by the choices we make regarding the foods we consume and the care we take of them—daily transformation begins with these lifestyle decisions. 

Join us today as two experts discuss, “Eating & Exercise for Weight Management.” Tim Gribbin is the Human Performance Resource Center’s (HPRC) senior scientist for Exercise Physiology, and Brooks Ford is a registered dietician, a certified specialist in Sports Dietetics, as well as, a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Wellness Wednesday is being hosted on CG Teams from 3 p.m.-5 p.m. ET.  

This presentation will cover the critical role of nutrition and exercise in weight management and performance, as well as, provide practical tips for optimizing your overall health. 

Please note that you will only be able to access CG Teams, the Wellness Wednesday forum, from a Coast Guard workstation or you may call-in via the following number: 
Phone bridge: +1 410-874-6742,
Conference ID: 600 234 437#

If you have questions or suggestions, you may e-mail the team. If you would like to see a previous Wellness Wednesday recording, they are available on the CG-11 portal webpage.