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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Sept. 30, 2021

Enlisted members: New branch will help you build a successful career

By Christie St. Clair, MyCG Staff

The Coast Guard is launching a new team to support enlisted members. The Enlisted Career Advisory and Development Branch, EPM-4, will be dedicated to members’ professional development.

The team will give enlisted members personalized career advice and guidance, to help them through the advancement and assignment process. The team will also help members figure out the best professional development opportunities to help them achieve their goals.

It's one of many recent initiatives designed to expand promotion opportunities for all. Other new personnel programs include two-year enlistments, the Coast Guard Mentoring Program, the surge staffing pilot program to support parental leave, tuition assistance increases, the Enlisted Marine Inspector Training Program, an expanded behavioral health program, a new telehealth program, Travel Assist Teams, expanded access to SAPRR servicesvirtual education fairs, more support for affinity groups, and a variety of efforts to support female afloat careers

“As we continue to grow as a service, we’ve learned that our traditional way of communicating with the workforce – policy mechanisms, message traffic, roadshows and career counseling from Assignment Officers – doesn’t resonate with everyone," said deputy Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Charles “Rob” Bushey. "We want to offer a new tool for all enlisted members to enhance transparency related to our advancement and assignment processes while promoting career enhancing opportunities conducive to a long and successful career in our Coast Guard.”

EPM-2 will remain a steadfast resource for the enlisted workforce in shaping realistic e-resumes and improving awareness of the assignment process. 

“EPM-4 will complement the incredible services already provided by the EPM-2 team,” said Capt. Jonathan Carter, chief of Enlisted Personnel Management, ”but they will be available year-round, help members effectively navigate both the advancement and assignment processes, and will focus on professional development opportunities and promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce.”

Senior enlisted encouraged to apply
All master chief petty officers, senior chief petty officers, and chief petty officers who desire assignment as a newly established Enlisted Career Advisor (ECA) in assignment year 2022 (AY22) are strongly encouraged to apply for this rewarding special assignment. 

These assignments are reserved for outstanding individuals who display sustained excellence in mentorship, adherence to core values, a wide breadth of life experience and a keen understanding of service policies and professional development opportunities. 

“I’m excited about the possibilities of what we can accomplish with this new branch and I can’t think of a better job in our Coast Guard than serving as an Enlisted Career Advisor for the enlisted workforce,” Carter said Capt. 

ECAs will:

  • Engage, assist, and enhance the talents of our service members by offering critical career advice and guidance. 
  • Highlight important professional development opportunities for the purpose of promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce. 
  • Leverage communication and networking skills to brief senior leadership on the latest personnel decisions impacting the enlisted workforce and the nuances of concerns expressed by the fleet. 
  • Coordinate with key stakeholders – such as the MCPOCG, rating force master chiefs, command master chiefs, program Directorates, Affinity Groups, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Civil Rights Directorate and Assignment Officers – for the purpose of understating issues impacting the enlisted workforce and ensuring they can offer their best professional advice on balancing the demands of military service. 
  • Uphold the highest standards and traditions of the U.S. Coast Guard.

The positions are open to Active Duty MCPOs, SCPOs, CPO's and E-6's above the cut for E-7. Members must be: 
      (1) Tour complete in AY22, AY23, and/or  
      (2) Have completed two years in their current assignment in AY22, and  
      (3) Meet the qualifications set forth in Ref (A) and (B). 

CSELs (Gold and Silver) who are tour complete in AY22 - and members desiring to become CSELs - are highly encouraged to apply. 

All those desiring to apply will submit a standard application. 

Ready to apply?
No later than Oct. 29, e-mail a standard application to

Members and Commands should pay close attention to the requirements listed in the standard application. Incomplete or improperly formatted applications will result in the applicant not being considered as an ECA. Deadline extensions will not be granted to correct errors. 

The Special Assignments Officer will coordinate the release from rating process. Applicants should not contact their detailer asking to be released from rating. 

The expected report date is July 1, 2022.