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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Oct. 15, 2021

Second round for ETS login information  

By MyCG Staff

The Coast Guard’s new travel system – E-Gov Travel System or ETS – launched Oct. 1, 2021, and the initial 72-hour period for establishing ETS accounts is complete. Did you establish your account? 

If not, you encouraged to wait for a second email invitation from CWTSato Travel which is expected to hit your inbox Oct. 21, 2021. This invite will be open for another 72-hour window to activate an account. Keep an eye open in your email for an invitation from that will be delivered from  

Of note, some members have not received invitations due to conflicts with migrated profile information. AOs will verify member's existence within ETS and select the "initialize user" function. If member is not located in ETS, the AO should submit PPC trouble ticket to build an ETS profile. 

However, if you did not establish an account and you are scheduled to travel prior to Oct. 21, you should notify your approving official (AO) to initialize your account. 

Initial Login  

Initial security login information requests an E2 User ID followed by a request for Social Security Number (SSN) or Employee ID. Please note: as a Coast Guard member you will not use a SSN for ETS. The E2 User ID is USCG-your EMPLID - enter your unique employee identification number for the EMPLID. Do not type "EMPLID". You can find additional guidance on the PPC website.

AOs have administrative privileges to unlock and initialize any Coast Guard member account. AOs also have the ability to pull reports. The New E-GOV Travel System (ETS) Replaces TPAX for TDY Travel 01 Oct 2021 ALCOAST 361-21 provides guidance to verify approver pools. AOs can make adjustment to funds approver pools and AO pools to ensure proper routing of travel claims. 

If you require an ETS Pool correction you should request assistance from your AO. AOs will serve as the liaison to PPC Travel Assist Team (TAT). If you are required to travel within 48 hours, and the AO is unable to assist, then you may call the TAT. 

Travel during cutover period  

You should continue to use Coast Guard Form 2070 and submit it to your administrative support personnel, as previously required when using TPAX. For an urgent travel need or if you need to use the Centrally Billed Account (CBA), administrative support personnel shall provide orders using Coast Guard Form 4251. The forms have not been updated for the new lines of accounting (LOA) information, however, there are sufficient fields to capture the appropriate LOA for later entry into ETS when submitting the settlement. 

If you find that you will need to travel within 48 hours you will need to contact CWTSato at 800-753-7286 to ensure ticketing. If you will be using the CBA, you will be required to submit orders via methods outlined in the New E-GOV Travel System (ETS) Replaces TPAX for TDY Travel 01 Oct 2021 ALCOAST 361/21. Orders for any member traveling using the CBA should state that the member is authorized to use the CBA. 

FY21 Travel Claims 

If you filed a travel claim for travel during fiscal year 2021 and were not paid for that travel prior to cutover will need to access ETS once the new financial system is active and submit for settlement. Open obligations will be migrated to ETS to allow members to submit travel claim. 


In order to become more familiar with this new system, all members are highly encouraged to participate in training sessions scheduled through the end of the calendar year. Members with connectivity issues may review information on the PPC website, which includes copies of training presentations. AOs are required to register for and attend an online session. Links to registration are located on the PPC website

Email inquiries regarding ETS travel policy, workforce training schedule, or general questions must be routed through an AO to Travel Management Office. 

For other related ETS or travel management officer (TMO) questions, please contact Cmdr. William Suter, TMO Implementation (CG-133) at (202) 475-5377.