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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Feb. 22, 2022

MyCG has landed on your homepage

By MyCG Staff

MyCG is now the Coast Guard’s default homepage. When you first log in to a web browser on your Coast Guard workstation, you’ll go straight to the Coast Guard’s official news site.  

MyCG provides news, support and inspiration for everyone: 

  • Officers: You now have a single hub for career-specific news, resources, plus ALCGPSC and ALCGOFF messages.  

  • Enlisted: Your hub has news for enlisted members, along with key links to help you with assignments, the Servicewide Exam, A-schools, career planning and more. Your section also shares the latest ALCGPSC and ALCGENL messages.  

  • Civilians: Visit your section to read civilian news, apply for a detail, download your Earning and Leave Statements or get leadership training. Want to book a lighthouse vacation rental? If a military resource is available to civilians, you’ll find it here. 

  • Reserves: Your hub page offers key links, resources, and news to support you and your family – before, during and after activation. 

  • Spouses: The family hub shares news and resources to help you make the most of Coast Guard life, connect with your ombudsmen, and advance your career. 

No common access card (CAC)? No problem. You can access MyCG anytime, anywhere – from the mess deck to your living room. You can download the app on iOS or Google Play. If you prefer a weekly digest email, sign up for the All Hands Briefer.  

You still have full access to DHS Connect, of course. You’ll find the link CAC-enabled intranet site on Pixel, along with other critical workforce links and applications.  

MyCG is part of the Coast Guard’s broader effort to communicate more effectively within the organization. The service is transitioning to a system that is centralized, streamlined, and focused on your needs. As we move forward, expect to see even more integration and new features designed with you in mind. 

 The changes are based on member feedback, which boil down to five goals:  

  1. Put the bottom line up front 

  1. Just tell us what we need to know 

  1. Use plain language 

  1. Don’t send me announcements that aren’t relevant to me 

  1. Make everything easy to access  

Commands:  You can up your internal comms game in three easy steps: 

  • Use plain language to write more effectively. (Start with these plain language training videos.) 

  • Amplify your initial announcement – rather than sending several duplicative announcements – to reduce members’ information overload. (Your staff will appreciate this too.) 

  • Put workforce resources on the public web to make them accessible. (The Coast Guard External Affairs Manual, COMDTINST M5700.13A, clarifies what content should stay the Portal due to security, accuracy, propriety or policy.) 

Please let us know what other improvements and functionality you’d like to see – e-mail your ideas to


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