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My Coast Guard
Commentary | March 9, 2022

If weight loss is your goal, accountability may be a phone call away

By Keisha Reynolds, MyCG Writer

If you need an accountability partner to make your weigh-in goals this season—call CG SUPRT (855-247-8778)) for free health coaching services. As an active duty member, you and your dependents are entitled to 13 free calls per year/per topic.

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Mary Davenport, the contracting officer representative for CG SUPRT, explained that the health coaching services are not “just for weight loss but also for overall health improvement.” Health coaching is one of services CG SUPRT offers as part of the Employee Assistance Program. 

As a Coast Guard member or a dependent family member, when you call CG SUPRT, you should request health coaching services from the representative who will put you in touch with a coach based on your primary health concerns. “Your coach will spend the first meeting helping you identify goals, customize a fitness plan and develop a road map. They also discuss how you want to be held accountable as you progress,” said Davenport.

“After that, you will have 12 calls to modify your goals, if necessary, discuss your progress, and the coach will also provide you with written documentation on your customized meal plans, as well as, send you relevant articles, on a weekly basis,” Davenport added. 

Aside from needing to meet your weight loss goals, CG SUPRT’s health coaching services also provide information on tobacco cessation, information on fertility, stress management, cardio heath, allergies, neurological disorders, health assessments, meal recipes, and more. You can check out a full list of offerings when you visit CG SUPRT .

There is no age minimum for younger dependents who wish to call and take advantage of these health support services. However, Davenport added “sixteen is typically the recommended age.”

Tim Merrell, the Coast Guard Health Promotion Program manager and certified personal trainer agreed with Davenport, summarizing his experience with CG SUPRT’s health coaching: “They check all the boxes on how to evaluate a new client and they spend at least 30 to 40 minutes getting to know you in order to develop a plan you can follow,” he said. “This health coaching service is really very good!”

If you would like more information on CG SUPRT health coaching services contact your Employee Assistance Program Coordinator or call CG SUPRT directly at 855–CG SUPRT (855-247-8778).