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Commentary | April 21, 2022

FSMS: Progress report from the Incident Command

By Petty Officer Second Class David Weydert, FSMS Incident Command

The new FSMS Homepage: Navigating to Full Operational Capability has been launched!  This centralized site brings all FSMS tools into one single location. You’ll find continued updates, searchable job aids, demos and discussion boards. If you use FSMS, you’ll want to bookmark this new microsite and spend time familiarizing yourself with all the resources it provides.  The site also provides a discussion board to take the place of the limited accessibility of Teams.

Members can use the discussion boards available on the site to:

  • Post questions regarding FSMS usage, problems, and issues.
  • Share the FSMS fixes and tricks learned in the field.
  • Provide feedback on the site and suggest changes to make your job easier.

Civilian PCS claims: The Incident Command has been hearing from civilian employees about their outstanding PCS claims. IBM and Coast Guard have developed several system workarounds to enable these payments. FINCEN, as of Apr. 18 is currently testing the workarounds, and will start processing civilian PCS claims as soon as possible. In the interim, you can apply for an interest-free loan from Coast Guard Mutual Assistance to cover any credit card payments. We thank you for your continued patience during the transition.

Auxiliarists C-School Travel: If you’ve already submitted a travel claim for completed C-School travel, you must take some additional steps - no later than April 25 - for your payment to be processed. The Personnel Services Center e-mailed specific guidance on Apr. 13, for your immediate action.  If you have not received it, contact your supporting District Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX).   Moving forward, Auxiliarists will work with their DIRAUX to obtain their own E-Gov Travel Service (ETS) accounts.

TDY claims: New TDY payments continue to work for most travelers. Approximately 40% of outstanding TDY payments that previously had errors have now been processed.

PPM claims: Approximately 75% of outstanding PPM claims have been processed.

TLA claims: Most TLA claims have now been paid, with about 20% of claims still waiting to be processed.

Vendor invoices: Backlogged invoices continue to be processed, with approximately 500 invoices paid per day.

FMPS community: The Coast Guard is surging support to ensure financial management staff have the tools and training they need. Some key lines of effort:

  • Approximately 100 job aids are now available on the new FSMS homepage, with approximately 50 more in development. 
  • FMPS Open Houses will now be held every other week, rather than monthly, giving units more frequent opportunities to communicate directly with the FSMS Incident Command. The next scheduled Open House will be on Apr. 28, 2022.
  • Guidance is available on expanded Government Travel Credit Card (GTCC) usage during the transition – please see ALCGPSC 056/22.

The Incident Command’s priority next steps include civilian PCS payments, auxiliary payments, streamlining the Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP) and micro-purchasing process, fuel procurement guidance, receipting guidance, and sell-side reimbursable agreement guidance. The Incident Command is also continuing efforts with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and IBM to diagnose, test, and improve FSMS system performance. 

The Financial Systems Modernization Solution (FSMS) system replaces an extremely outdated system. The FSMS Incident Command continues to tackle the challenges experienced during the transition. You can find the latest progress updates and job-aids on the newly launched SharePoint site: 

  • FSMS website: FSMS Homepage: Navigating to Full Operational Capability (
  • FSMS policy or procedure questions? Submit a ticket or track your ticket through the FAST Helpdesk.
  • FSMS technical issues/errors? Submit a ticket or track your ticket through the FSMS Helpdesk  (also known as Service Now, or SNOW). Please note that your ticket may be assigned a new number while being addressed. 
  • Delayed vendor payment? Follow this job aid: How Do I Check Status of an Invoice. 
  • ETS Travel Guides.
  • Government travel charge card guidance: ALCGPSC 056/22
  • Interagency Reimbursable Work Agreement Guidance: ALCGFINANCE 016/22 
  • Weekly updates for financial staff: Click here to subscribe to The FSMS Fix
  • System outages: Click here to receive FSMS System Maintenance Notifications 
  • Biweekly Q&A with FSMS leadership: Click here to subscribe to FSMS Open House meeting invitations. Select “Distribution List Access Request” on the top and select the list that most applies to you.