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Commentary | May 6, 2022

Action required: Civilian GS employees and supervisors must complete their ePerformance plan by May 31

By Kara Noto, MyCG Staff

All supervisors must finalize a DHS Performance Management Program (DHS PMP) performance plan in the new ePerformance system for civilian general schedule (GS) employees by May 31. 

First and second level supervisor and GS employees must also complete mandatory training on DHS PMP, as well as the new ePerformance evaluation system. 

This is the first year that all GS civilians and their supervisors will use the new systems for planning, monitoring, developing, rating and rewarding performance. DHS PMP and ePerformance will help you establish measurable performance goals, get better feedback from your supervisor, and streamline the process using web-based software (no more sending a digitized document back and forth via email). 

At Base Cape Cod, command secretary Lynn Armstrong said the new system creates a realistic, measurable pathway for employees to measure their impact. "Employees will get the opportunity to work with supervisors on goals to convey what they actually do on daily basis and get recognized for it,” said Armstrong. 

Yes, Coast Guard personnel are expected to learn a lot of new systems right now, from DoD365, Teams, Sharepoint Online, ETS2, MHS Genesis, to FSMS. But the effort is well spent, said Chad Mountcastle, who serves as D17’s civilian resources coordinator in Juneau, Alaska. 

“Just another thing to learn, you might be saying?! Providing thorough evaluations thru FedHR is a huge step in the right direction,” Mountcastle said. “It’s the professional change your civilians need in order to grow as professionals. Be the change you want to see in your Coast Guard!” 


Mandatory Training 

All GS civilians and their supervisors must complete training on the new system.   

“With every major change there is a learning curve, but we are confident that our training and tools will help guide users through every step of the process. Our implementation team is here to support you,” said Brooke Lawson, program manager for civilian performance and awards, Office of Workforce Relations (CG-124).  

There are no certificates of completion, since the training is based on the honor system.  Lawson recommends that you tell your supervisor once you’ve completed training. 

Here’s the training you’ll need to complete: 


  • DHS PMP Training – Required for supervisors and employees.  This training session will provide a thorough overview of the DHS PMP, how it differs from the EARS program, understanding performance goals and core competencies, and tips for success. 

  • DHS PMP Goal Writing Tutorials – Recommended for supervisors and employees.  Recorded tutorials specific to writing DHS PMP Goals and Performance Standards. 


  • ePerformance system training for employees:  Required for employees and GS supervisors.  Recommended for all supervisors. This system training will demonstrate key employee tasks in FedHR ePerformance and review system resources including job aids and recorded tutorials.   

  • ePerformance system training for supervisors:  Required for supervisors.  This system training will demonstrate key supervisor tasks in FedHR ePerformance and review system resources including job aids and recorded tutorials. 


Additional Support 

After taking your required trainings, you can find more information, job aids, calendars and sample performance goals on the Civilian Performance Management Portal site, managed by the Office of Civilian Human Resources (HR).  

Additionally, the Civilian HR team is offering live information sessions throughout May. The Teams webinars will give you a chance to chat directly with civilian HR experts, who can answer your questions or help you troubleshoot issues you're experiencing. Be sure to review the recorded training first! 

Upcoming Information Sessions (view full schedule here): 

Note: Copy and paste these links into an Outlook calendar event, or click on the link to join the session at the specified date/time. 


What can I expect from the new system? 

DHS PMP evaluates performance using a combination of standard Core Competencies and employee-specific Goals.  

Core Competencies cover how employees perform all work and are standard across DHS. They account for 40% of the final rating. 

Goals cover what employees accomplish - their specific outcomes/deliverables - during each rating cycle. Goals are individually weighted by the supervisor, may be modified during the performance cycle, and account for 60% of the employee’s final rating. Performance Standards for Goals are written using Specific, Measurable, Relevant, and Time-Bound (SMART) criteria. 

DHS PMP Performance Appraisal Forms are based on job series, grade level, and supervisory status.  View this chart to see a list of forms by series, grade, and supervisory status.  The correct DHS PMP form is pre-populated into each employee’s ePerformance case and is ready to be edited and issued in the ePerformance system. 


The transition started in 2021 with several units at Coast Guard Headquarters and in Seattle, Wash.  Now it is being implemented for all GS employees across the Coast Guard.  

This initiative only impacts GS employees and their supervisors.  Federal Wage System employees will continue using the Excellence, Achievement, and Recognition System (EARS) and don't need to take any action related to DHS PMP. However, Federal Wage System employees still need to have a signed EARS performance plans in place as of May 1. 

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