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My Coast Guard
Commentary | May 24, 2022

Coast Guard members—TeleMynd is another virtual behavioral health solution available to you and your families 

By Keisha Reynolds, MyCG Writer

The Coast Guard Behavioral Health Team is introducing TeleMynd, a TRICARE partner who can assist members, dependents and retirees with access to care quickly, efficiently, and virtually. While Coast Guard dependents do not need a referral to connect with TRICARE providers via the virtual TeleMynd service, active duty members must obtain a referral from their primary care manager prior to using the TeleMynd behavioral health service.  

“This added step with members is to ensure we are protecting our member’s well-being as well as the mission,” said Cmdr. Marion G. Collins, the Behavioral Health technical authority.
 “We definitely want to encourage all to get the treatment they need.”

It is because the Coast Guard’s Behavioral Health Team wants to ensure that everyone receives care, despite spikes in demand, that they are suggesting TeleMynd as an alternative. Collins explains, “We have definitely seen an increase in people asking for assistance, not just within our service, but across the globe,” she said. “There may be periods when securing an appointment with a provider can take an extended period of time so we don’t want a delay getting an appointment with a behavioral health provider to deter people getting the care they need.”  

TRICARE West, managed by Health Net Federal Services, and TRICARE East contracted through Humana Military both provide TeleMynd health services through a HIPPA compliant platform. TeleMynd has partnered with therapists all across the nation who can work with your schedules. TRICARE West also offers an additional behavioral health service, the Doctor on Demand program. This platform allows you to access a trusted health care physician or licensed professional virtually as well. For beneficiaries of TRICARE West, they can access the Doctor on Demand program for behavioral health visits however again, just like all specialty care, our active duty members will need a referral prior to accessing these services.   

To meet the behavioral health demands, the Coast Guard Behavioral Health Team continues to recruit providers and recently welcomed three new regional nurse case managers. Their primary role will be to manage complex behavioral health cases. “We are hoping to continue to onboard additional behavioral health supports as the need for this assistance is definitely high,” Collins said, explaining that their team is also normalizing the notion that it’s okay for people, especially our service members, to seek support.  

“When they talk with us, they realize we are not some scary entity and that they are not going to lose their security clearance or their job just for speaking with us. Our goal is to get people fit for duty, back to health and back to the green,” said Collins.

If you have questions for the Behavioral Health Team, you can email them  or check out their website for additional information.