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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Jan. 9, 2023

FSMS Update: Better performance, security, and speedier help on the way  

By Kathy Murray, MyCG Writer

The Coast Guard recently announced two changes to the Financial Systems Modernization Solution (FSMS) that should result in better performance, improved security, and speedier resolution of user issues. 

The first is a software upgrade to the new version of Oracle’s Federal Financials E-Business Suite (EBS). This will allow the service to keep up with the latest security patches and performance improvements. The upgrade to version 12.2.10 from 12.2.7 was completed before Christmas. 

“This should improve reliability,” said Cmdr. Thomas Crowley, with the FSMS Transition Incident Command. 

The second effort involves streamlining how the help desk processes help tickets. The biggest change will be creating a Tier 0 ticket triage center so that all issues around FSMS can be gathered at a single point. This will enable users to get answers not only to the technical questions that Tiers 1, 2, and 3 are currently handling, but also to the general questions they previously had to send to a completely different help desk. (Tier 0 will take the place of the current, FSMS Assist and Support Team (FAST) Helpdesk hosted in the Virtual Communications Center.) 

Subject matter experts (SME’s) will also be available to users by topic and a new intake form will better categorize the problem you’re experiencing. These features are scheduled to go live in the near future. 

In addition, FSMS is setting up a SNOW (ServiceNow) Virtual Agent to get customers necessary information 24/7. The virtual agent will interact with users to get relevant information, answer common questions, and help resolve non-system issues. Over time, it will be able to answer more complex questions, direct you to a job aid, and automatically create SNOW tickets. The virtual agent is scheduled to go live Jan. 26. 

How will using FSMS be different? 

The basic layout, design, and functionality of FSMS will remain the same, with some small changes. You might see differences in certain windows and with the search function in some areas. There will also be screen changes where new fields or additional drop downs appear. While these changes might take some getting used to, Crowley notes, ultimately, they should enable you to complete work more efficiently.  

Specific changes will be made to the Contract Lifecycle Management, Project Accounting, Procure to Pay, and Order to Cash modules. For specific details and screenshots users can go to the 12.2.10 User Productivity Kit and associated Training Guide, which you can access by searching for 
12.2.10 in the Common Core Learning Platform (CCLP) or by going to the SharePoint site

What if I have a problem when FSMS comes back up? 

Significant problems or performance impacts are not expected, but if you have an issue, the process for resolution remains the same. Start with the self-help resources listed below, especially if you have questions about business processes, policies, or how to use FSMS: 

If you still need help, go to the Virtual Communications Center (VCC). If your issue remains unresolved, you’ll need to enter a ticket via the official FSMS Helpdesk. Note: You cannot initiate assistance by emailing or calling FINCEN or SNOW ticket fulfillers.  

Reminder: Role recertification coming up 

Don’t forget the semi-annual Access Lifecycle Management (ALM) FSMS user role re-certification campaign begins in January. Failure to prepare could cause you to lose permissions or access to FSMS. All users and supervisors should review the Recertification Checklist. More info can be found in the 
most recent edition of the FSMS FIX.  

For additional questions contact, Capt. Erich Klein, FSMS Transition Incident Commander at (202) 372-3652, or Capt. Will Arritt, FSMS Transition Deputy Incident Commander, (202) 372-4674.


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