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My Coast Guard
Commentary | June 2, 2023

Cyber Mission Specialist “group lateral” Phase 2 applications due June 15

By CWO4 Anastasia Devlin, MyCG

The Coast Guard’s newest rating — Cyber Mission Specialist (CMS) — is quickly approaching full implementation, and the service is working to identify experts currently serving in other roles who can be brought into the fold. 

Just days after more than 100 in-house CMS laterals will be complete (Phase 1), the service will begin processing packages for enlisted members who are interested in changing ratings (Phase 2). The deadline for applications is June 15, and the panel will be held in July. 

“Cyber is woven into everything we do as a service,” said Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Vanderslice, Planning and Resources Division Chief for the Office of Cyberspace Forces. “We know we have members who have significant talent, experience, and background in these operations, and we’d love to be able to apply their skills to the mission.” 

Cyber Mission Specialists execute offensive and defensive cyberspace operations supporting Coast Guard missions. They ensure the freedom of maneuver within the cyberspace domain and deny the same to adversaries. Operations CMSs will support include monitoring of the Coast Guard Enterprise Mission Platform; safeguarding service applications, intelligence, and user information; and protecting the Marine Transportation System. 

To qualify, you must: 

  • Be an active duty E-5 or above (or an E-4 with completed EPQs). 
  • Be able to hold a top secret clearance. 
  • Be a U.S. citizen. 
  • Be willing to submit to a polygraph. 
  • Be compliant with body composition standards. 
  • Have completed at least one of the following training requirements: Joint Cyber Analysis Course, Intermediate Cyber Core, Core Cyber Operations Specialist Phase 1, or an equivalent industry training. (See ALCGENL 029/23 Cyber Mission Specialist (CMS) Solicitation for Assignment Year 2024 (AY24) for full requirements.) 

Packages must be sent by encrypted email to or and include: 

  • The lateral change-in-rating (CIR) memo from the CMS Rating SharePoint site
  • A command endorsement that addresses your compliance with requirements.  
  • Documentation showing completion of training or certifications. 

“Even if you’re not sure your training applies, reach out so we can evaluate and bring you on to the team, or get you resources to strengthen your application in the future,” said Vanderslice. 

“The field is so new that we may not have all cyber schools listed yet,” said Master Chief Petty Officer Jon Weppler, rating force master chief for the CMS rating. “We’re definitely open to considering waivers for the cyber-centric requirements.”