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My Coast Guard
Commentary | June 5, 2023

Approximately 2,100 non-compliant Coast Guard iOS mobile devices lose connectivity on June 30

By Jason Allred, MyCG Writer

If you use a Coast Guard iPhone or iPad, make sure its enrolled in the enterprise mobile device management (MDM) solution by June 30, or your cellular service will be disconnected. 

The MDM solution allows Coast Guard mobile device users to access critical information and systems without sacrificing security. 

The notice applies to two categories of users. 

  • Unmanaged individually assigned iOS devices: Customers with these devices must enroll in DoD365 Mobile+ via Microsoft Intune. Mobile capabilities will dramatically increase with the integration of an Intune MDM profile. For example, users will receive the full suite of mobile productivity applications previously unavailable to them on their device (e.g., Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, etc.) 
  • Unmanaged shared iOS devices: Devices in this category may change hands on a frequent basis. These devices must be enrolled in the Microsoft Intune MDM as a “Frontline” device. These devices will not have DoD365 Mobile+ installed. However, they will retain the previous functionality plus a few additional tools. 

Here’s how to take action: 

  1. Commands: Please ensure your unit has a designated CRM and they are receiving guidance from the C5I Service Center's Cellular Wireless Management Service (CWMS) Team. The CWMS Team can be reached via email at: Ultimately, everyone in your unit with a mobile device must validate that their devices are properly enrolled. 
  2. CRMs: You must validate that every mobile device within your AOR is registered in the Intelligent Telecommunications Management System (ITMS) and enrolled in Microsoft Intune. Shared devices must have a designated custodian entered in ITMS. Additional information is available here, or on the self-service portal USCG DoD365 Mobile+ Self-Service Portal.   
  3. Device custodians: You must promptly respond to any direct communications from the CWMS Team, and follow all guidance provided. Even if you are no longer the custodian of the device in question, you must still respond to the CWMS Team’s request.  
  4. iOS Mobile Users: If you have not yet enrolled in Microsoft Intune, please act now by filling out this brief form here. You will receive instructions to complete the self-enrollment process. You must promptly follow all guidance once received to prevent a loss in cellular services.  

This initiative will bring us into alignment with federal mandates, as well as Department of Homeland Security policy. The Coast Guard is relying on our members to take quick action, helping us become a more capable force, maintain operational security, and be effective stewards of taxpayer funds. 


Questions for the CWMS Team may be submitted to:

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