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My Coast Guard
Commentary | June 20, 2023

Try these new tools for sharing workforce announcements via MyCG

By Christie St. Clair

MyCG announces the open beta phase of its new, standardized MyCG article request form for sharing workforce announcements. Starting Sept. 1, the new submission form will become the only way to request or submit content to MyCG. 

MyCG is an official platform for sharing U.S. Coast Guard information to the workforce, per the External Affairs Manual, COMDINST M5700.13A. It is run by U.S. Coast Guard Organizational Communications (CG-0922), a seven-member team creating a modern internal communications system to support our military members, our civilians, and their families. 

MyCG content gives members the “What, So What, Now What” they need to stay mission-ready and have a rewarding Coast Guard career. Every Monday, MyCG staff pulls together the latest MyCG and General Message announcements and sends them to your inbox as the “All Hands Briefer.” You can also subscribe to the public version if you don’t have consistent access to your work e-mail.  

Submission Process 

  • To request an article: MyCG writers are available to support critical, enterprise-wide announcements for the good of the Coast Guard workforce. Click here to submit your MyCG article request. 
  • To propose an article submission: Please submit a MyCG article request. Explain why this information is vital for the workforce and provide contact information for any subject matter experts we should talk with. We do not guarantee publication for any suggested article topics. 

Submission Guidelines  

To ensure a high-quality user experience, MyCG maintains editorial control over website content, including which articles we publish. However, the editorial process is highly collaborative, and we would love to work with you on your story. Here are some other guidelines you should be aware of: 

  • Submissions must be clearly written
  • Submissions must be useful, interesting and relevant to the Coast Guard workforce.  
  • Submissions fall within one of three basic types: 
  • News articles inform members about new policy, guidance, services, solicitations, opportunities, and announcements. 
  • Support articles help members navigate life and career challenges, and spotlight support resources available through the Coast Guard, DHS, DoD and interagency partners. 
  • Inspirational articles connect members to our missions, our shipmates, and the Long Blue Line.  
  • Most articles should be 400-600 words long.  
  • Program leadership (typically O6 level or higher) must approve every article before it appears on MyCG. 

Want to help? 

We welcome your ideas and support! If you’d like to share feedback on how we can improve the submission process, please contact our editorial team at