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My Coast Guard
Commentary | July 18, 2023

Unblocking efficiency: C5ISC simplifies account requirements

By Jason Allred, MyCG Web Editor

Improved login process 

The United States Coast Guard’s C5I Service Center has significantly improved the process for validating CGOne account activity requirements. This change means accessing DoD365 Online via or DoD365 Mobile+ on iPhone/iPad applications satisfies the account activity refresh requirement, preventing your account from being disabled.  

M5500.13G (Cybersecurity Policy) states that CGOne accounts may be inactive for up-to 35 days before the account is deactivated. With the new changes, users can refresh their account activity by accessing any DoD365 resource from virtually anywhere — including personal computers with a CAC reader. 

Accessing DoD365  

  • DoD365 Portal: []( 
  • DoD365 WebMail: []( 
  • DoD365 Teams: []( 
  • CGPortal Online: [](  

Mobility Options 

Customers with authorized mobility devices can also fulfill the account activity requirement by accessing any DoD365 application from their government-issued iPhone or iPad within the 35-day window.  

Background and impacts 

Previously, account activity could only be refreshed through VPN, VDI, or by logging in to an office workstation. This change is especially useful for detached members assigned to external agencies, reserve counterparts and auxiliarists; as well as remote workers engaged in telework, detached/remote positions, graduate school, ACET, or other similar roles.  

Although customers do not need to take any specific actions to enact these changes, they must continue to refresh their account activity within the 35-day period to prevent their accounts from being disabled. Reactivating an account requires the user to submit a request via CGFIXIT — which adds to ticket backlogs. These changes offer a convenient way for users to prevent their accounts from being disabled while also reducing the number of tickets in the CGFIXIT queue which allows the Centralized Service Desk to focus more on supporting the workforce with complex technical issues. 

Important Note 

These changes only reset the clock for CGOne account activity requirements. Users must still connect their CG workstations to the network every 30 days, either in the office or via VPN, to prevent device disablement. Remote work via VDI sessions from a CG workstation does not fulfill the device activity requirements. 


 CG-62 Office of Cybersecurity Program Management - CI_5500_13G_Cybersecurity Policy_FOUO.pdf - All Documents ( 

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