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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Aug. 11, 2023

Accountability and Transparency Review to ensure a culture where everyone is safe and valued

By MyCG Staff

In some parts of our Coast Guard, there is a disconnect between the workplace experience we talk about, and the experience our people are actually having. The Operation Fouled Anchor investigation revealed clear evidence of that in the Coast Guard Academy’s past. But today the dissonance is present in other parts of the Service, and it is revealed not only by reports of sexual assault, but by instances of harassment, bullying, retaliation, and other inappropriate behavior.   

In July Adm. Linda Fagan, Coast Guard Commandant, initiated a 90-day Accountability and Transparency Review (ATR) to assess the service’s authorities, policies, processes, practices, resources, and culture. The ATR team, led by Rear Adm. Lafferty, is pursuing six lines of effort:  

  • Transparency encourages open and honest communication within all levels of the Coast Guard and stakeholders. 
  • Accountability ensures the proper systems are in place to properly address all types of incidents and a service culture that requires all to take responsibility for their roles in addressing behaviors that go against our core values. 
  • Awareness is the knowledge and understanding that a pervasive issue is happening or exists, and that we have tools, actions, and programs to prevent and respond to events.  
  • Prevention includes the measures and strategies that the Coast Guard takes to protect its members against all forms of violence and harassment.  
  • Climate and Culture consists of shared values, norms, attitudes, and perceptions that influence how our service members behave.   
  • Victim Support is the guidance and mechanisms designed to help victims in the wake of a sexual assault, harassment, bullying, or retaliation incident.   

Every person in the Coast Guard deserves a safe and respectful work environment where they feel valued and supported as they grow professionally. Ultimately, the goal of the ATR is to respond to the Commandant’s challenge question: how can we drive meaningful change to our culture, consistent with our core values, and create an environment where every CG member feels safe and valued? 

We are asking the uncomfortable questions because that is what the Service owes each member. If you have ideas to assist the ATR pursue any of its lines of effort to eradicate sexual assault and harassment from the Service, submit your input.  

ATR Team Composition

Lead: Read Adm. Miriam Lafferty

Deputy: Mr. John Luce

Senior Enlisted Advisor: Master Chief Petty Officer Ann Logan

Senior Mentors:

  • Vice Adm. Peter Neffenger (Ret.)
  • Master Chief Petty Officer Vince Patton (Ret.)
  • With five additional team members (advocate, two officers, two civilians)

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