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Commentary | Aug. 14, 2023

Coast Guard announces Return to Service Team initiative

By Christie St. Clair, MyCG Writer

The Coast Guard has launched a team to help Coast Guard members who separated due to the Coast Guard’s former COVID-19 vaccination mandate.  

The Return2Service Team (R2ST) is the single point of contact for active duty and reserve members who separated - either voluntarily or involuntarily – and now want to return.  

Who’s Eligible?  

Eligible members are those who were involuntarily separated solely due to noncompliance with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and received a reenlistment code of RE-3, or who voluntarily separated between Aug. 26, 2021, and Jan. 11, 2023, in lieu of complying with the vaccine mandate and received a reenlistment code of RE-1 or RE-3. In addition, a member must be within two years of their separation date. 

How does it work? 

To make the process as streamlined as possible, the R2ST created a simple step by step approach. Just remember: R3! 

  1. Review records of previously separated members to determine eligibility.  The R2ST will contact each eligible member.  Members may also contact the R2ST directly, via the contact info listed below. 
  2. Rehire members at previously held paygrades, and assist with administrative onboarding requirements. 
  3. Report to your new duty station. Administrative support functions will transition to your local SPO. 

Within these steps are additional administrative phases designed to ensure returning members are fully supported throughout the process. Details can be found in the newly released ALCOAST 291/23. 

What about my record, pay, or advancement? 

R2ST members will help newly reported members update their military records, such as personnel files, Employee Summary Sheets, and Statements of Creditable Service. 

You can expect the re-accession process to take about 30 days, but this will vary case-by-case.  

Some additional things you should know: 

  • Returning members should prepare to accept permanent change of station (PCS) orders to a new assignment. If there are multiple vacancies for your rating, rank, or specialty, the Assignment Officer will offer a list of positions to consider and prioritize during the return process.
  • Re-accessing members are ineligible for back pay or allowances for the time of their break in service.  
  • The Coast Guard will restore returning members to their former rank and those who had their promotions or advancements withheld solely due to their vaccine status will have their promotion or advancement restored, assuming they meet all other requirements. 

The Coast Guard Personnel Service Center (PSC) has removed all compliance-related Administrative Remarks (CG-3307s) from military personnel records. Active duty and reserve members are encouraged to review their records in iPERMS to confirm the successful removal of these CG-3307s.  

Additional guidance on correcting military personnel records for other references will be forthcoming. 

Coast Guard service members are no longer required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. This update keeps us aligned with the Department of Defense, which was required by law to repeal its own COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

Who can I talk to? 

You can reach the Return2Service Team at or by calling (202) 780-1984. 

Commands with members who separated due to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and have a separation code of RE-1 or RE-3, should direct those interested members to the Return2Service Team.

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