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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Sept. 19, 2023

Coast Guard intelligence professionals gain new qualification insignia

By Kyle Ford, MyCG Writer 

The new Intelligence Professional (IP) Insignia recognizes the professional qualifications of active duty, reserve, and civilian specialists in the intelligence field.  

The insignia, which features a trident and key extending its length and crossed waves accenting, can be granted on a temporary or permanent basis.  

This is one of the latest insignias approved since Commandant Adm. Linda Fagan encouraged the service to ensure all communities can earn an insignia honoring their expertise. Insignias are worn on a member’s uniform, signaling that person’s professional achievement while creating esprit de corps. 

What inspired the design of the insignia? 

The Coast Guard Intelligence Community strives to secure sensitive information and enables a decision maker to better understand issues pertaining to all Coast Guard operations regardless of mission set. The Intelligence Professional Insignia contains a trident and key extending its length, crossed with waves accenting.  

  • Trident represents CG Intelligence support to operations and the Coast Guard core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty, as well as intelligence support to Coast Guard operations for response, prevention, and capabilities.  
  • Key represents knowledge and security. The Coast Guard Intelligence Community (CGIC) strives to secure sensitive information and provides decision advantage to all Coast Guard operations.  
  • Waves represent mobility, agility, and the Coast Guard’s maritime heritage.  
  • Globe acknowledges the CGIC’s worldwide efforts to support a global Coast Guard and Intelligence Community mission.  
  • Shield represents safety and protection.  
  • Lightning bolt represents the CGIC’s goal to provide the most relevant information to decision makers as quick as possible.  
  • Quill represents the CGIC’s mission to support not only the Coast Guard, but the Intelligence Community as a whole.  

Who designed the insignia? 

The IP insignia was designed by a student intern with the specific intent to incorporate various elements of heraldry used by the Coast Guard. The intern also created a design that represents the CGIC and its support for both the Coast Guard and broader Intelligence Community (IC) missions.  

Who can earn the insignia? 

All active duty, reserve, and civilian members are authorized to earn the IP insignia, temporary or permanent, if they complete the below requirements: 

Temporary Entitlement 

  1. Complete Intelligence Job Entry Level Training as outlined in the Intelligence Training, COMDTINST 1500.26
  2. Obtain the Intelligence Core (INTCORE) Competency at the Apprentice level; 
  3. Possess a current Intelligence Fundamentals Professional Certification (IFPC), as defined by the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security (USD (I&S)). The IFPC must be renewed every three years after the date of certification to be considered current; 
  4. The temporary insignia may only be worn while actively serving in an Intelligence billet of qualifying experience for which the issuing authority approved the insignia. Upon transfer to a new billet, the insignia must be removed from the uniform. If the new billet is also an Intelligence billet of qualifying experience, the member is authorized to continue wearing the temporary insignia while assigned to that billet. Only one temporary insignia may be worn at a time. 

Permanent Entitlement 

  1. Possess the Temporary Intelligence Professional Insignia;  
  2. Obtain the INTCORE Competency at the Master level;  
  3. Possess a current IFPC, as defined by USD (I&S).  

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