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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Oct. 16, 2023

New round of leadership classes available to midgrade and senior personnel

By Elizabeth Christopher, MyCG Staff Writer

“You must have a passion for learning in order to become the best leader you can be. What truly differentiates the expert performers from the good performers is devotion to deliberate practice. Practicing deliberately doesn’t mean you engage in just any activity. Instead, you engage in experiences designed specifically to improve performance.” - Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, The Leadership Challenge, 6th Edition 

Serving as a leader within the Coast Guard — be it active duty, reserve or civilian — means handling a wide array of complex challenges. As members progress through their careers to positions of greater responsibility, they must broaden their leadership competencies to maximize their effectiveness. If you are interested in boosting your leadership abilities, the Leadership Development Center’s (LDC’s) Midgrade Officer and Civilian Transition Course (MOCTC) and the Senior Leader Transition Course (SLTC) are ideal opportunities that facilitate growth.   

Midgrade Officer and Civilian Transition Course (MOCTC) 

The primary focuses of MOCTC, which is aimed towards lieutenants and GS-12s that have recently assumed supervisory roles, are “Leading Self” and “Leading Others.” Course curriculum emphasizes enhancing self-awareness, critical thinking and interpersonal relationships. MOCTC students will graduate better able to analyze complex problems and effect change through productive relationships.   

“MOCTC was perhaps the best and most practical training I received in the Coast Guard.”  
Lt. Vadim Ilin, MOCTC graduate. 

The course is five weeks online and one week in person. Contact Romon Copeland, ETQC at for inquiries about course availability or adjustments to previously submitted electronic training requests (ETRs).  

Senior Leader Transition Course (SLTC) 

SLTC is targeted for all Lt. Cmdr.’s and GS-13 CG personnel transitioning from operational leadership positions to more strategic roles. Course curriculum expands participants’ intellectual agility as well as fine-tuning their diagnostic skills to maneuver thoughtfully in highly dynamic systems. The primary focuses of SLTC are “Leading Performance and Change” and “Leading the Coast Guard.” Learning outcomes enhance decision-making, systems thinking, innovation, shared leadership, and change management. The course is four weeks online and two weeks in person.  

“The Senior Leader Transition Course (SLTC) is truly a unique training opportunity that stands out from any other I have experienced in my career.” - Cmdr. Kevin Trujillo, SLTC Graduate.  
“Attending SLTC was the most humbling, raw, and perspective-changing training that I have had in the Coast Guard”  - Cmdr. Megan Dennelly, SLTC Graduate. 

Senior Leadership Principles and Skills (SLPS) 

SLPS is a facilitated leadership seminar targeted at commanders and GS-14s. It focuses discussions around four content areas:  

  • Leadership foundations 
  • Emotional intelligence and interpersonal communications 
  • Self-awareness, feedback, and reflection 
  • Senior leader perspective 

The course is one week in person and requires 2-4 hours of pre-work.

Contact Romon Copeland, ETQC at for inquiries about course availability or adjustments to previously submitted ETRs. 

How to apply 

Have your local training officer submit an ETR for the courses you wish to take, with the appropriate sessions selected. It's recommended to add at least one backup session in the notes. 

When to apply?  

Class sessions are soon approaching, so apply now! For session dates, visit: 

  1. Midgrade Officer and Civilian Transition Course (MOCTC) 
  2. Senior Leader Transition Course (SLTC) 
  3. Senior Leadership Principles and Skills (SLPS)