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Commentary | Nov. 15, 2023

A new way to meet your C5I needs is here!

By Zach Shapiro, CG-761 Contract Support Team

It's now a lot easier to get the C5I solutions you need. On July 31, the Office of C5I Capabilities (CG-761) launched its soft-release of a new system to handle requests for Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Cyber and Intelligence (C5I) solutions. The new Requirements Intake Tool (RIT) will help get members the solutions they need. 
CG-761 identifies and applies advanced solutions to C5I needs to save time and increase efficiency. The office helps meet operational requirements with sustainable material and non-material solutions. 
Material solutions include hardware, software, and other physical assets. Non-material solutions include intangible things, such as training or process improvements.  
In the past, CG-761 has used the RIT to identify gaps in operational and mission support capabilities. For example, CG-761 members conduct routine operational analyses (OAs) of field-level software and technology to identify necessary updates or recommend new acquisitions to fill capability gaps. The tool has been offline in recent months, but CG-761 has incorporated operator feedback to make the RIT easier to use than ever before. Operators should know that help is here, and CG-761 is committed to continual innovation and improvement of the tool. 
The new and improved RIT is streamlined and user-friendly, allowing operators to easily understand the requirements intake process and submit well organized and informative requests that enable faster leadership approval. 
The RIT was specifically designed with the field-user in mind and is intuitive and easy to use at any Coast Guard unit level. Additionally, operators can use it for any Special Use Information Technology (SUIT) requests they may have. After SUIT requests are submitted through the RIT, the RIT Gatekeeper, who manages and shepherds requests through the approval and triage process, will review the request, incorporate the request into the SUIT process, and ensure the submitter is provided with information regarding the next step in the process. CG-761 is working with the Office of C5I Program Management (CG-68) so that in the future, SUIT requests are automatically forwarded from RIT to SUIT, which will save requestors time and effort. 
We encourage all Coast Guard members to view the app by visiting CG-761’s Intake Site. You can access the RIT app directly from the CG-761 homepage and search through the FAQs when questions arise. In addition to the regularly updated FAQs, the site includes a library of resources to help RIT users, in particular a training video from the tool’s designers. 
There are other indirect ways to access the app. You can search for it through the Power Apps application (available in the Pixel Dashboard). Alternatively, you can go through when logged into the Coast Guard network. For a direct link, click here. If you have any questions, you can click the Help icon in the top right of the RIT app. This will take you to the FAQ page on CG-761’s Intake Site. 
The Office of C5I Capabilities is monitoring user feedback and continually improving the new RIT. CG-761 will host focus groups in early 2024 to give operators and users ample opportunity to provide constructive feedback and for CG-761 to address any concerns. 
Stay tuned for more news about the new RIT from CG-761. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact the C5I Requirements Support Team



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