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My Coast Guard
Commentary | May 24, 2024

Good Order and Discipline: FY24 first quarter report

By MyCG Staff

The Good Order and Discipline (GOAD) report for the first quarter of 2024 is now available. The GOAD report covers disciplinary actions taken against military and civilian personnel and provides a selection of cases seen throughout the quarter. In sharing these cases, it is important to know that the offenses committed are provided with limited detail to protect the privacy of those effected.   

Sharing the quarterly GOAD report is a great opportunity to encourage discussion of acceptable and unacceptable conduct by using real life scenarios to highlight the consequences. The goal of this transparency is to make the Coast Guard a better and safer environment for all.   

The GOAD and its contents are broken into categories based on the member’s rank and disciplinary actions taken. The following highlights some of this quarter’s cases:   

Military Administrative Action:   

An E-6 was processed for separation after making sexually offensive comments towards a female member and junior members of the crew. On several occasions, the member made extremely vulgar, unwelcome, and sexually explicit comments in the workplace while in the presence of junior members and directed sexual innuendos towards the female member. This behavior included recounting a story so sexually graphic and inappropriate it caused a junior member to become physically ill and unreasonably interfered with their work performance. 

An O-4 was separated from service via the administrative Special Board process after the service discovered an unreported DUI from 2015. The member failed to report the incident, including their initial arrest, court date, or time in jail, and took leave to avoid disclosing the event to their command. When notified of security clearance renewal, the member indicated the billet did not require a security clearance and did not plan to renew the clearance in a continued attempt to hide the arrest. This officer was separated with 19 years of commissioned service following a Board of Review with a General (Under Honorable Conditions) characterization with a separation code for misconduct and no retirement. 

Relief for Cause:   

A CWO2 was Removed from Primary Duties as the operations officer of an FRC after actions led to a near miss with the USS BATAAN resulting in a loss of confidence by the Command. No additional disciplinary or administrative action was taken. 

An E-7 was permanently removed from the CWO FEL after leveraging his position as a Chief, CCTI sponsor, and mentor to actively pursue a prohibited relationship with a junior officer. This violation of core values and anti-harassment policies compromised the member’s own judgment and put a commissioned officer in an unprofessional situation.

Non-judicial punishment (NJP):   

For commissioned officers and cadets, NJP was imposed one time for violations of Articles 131, 133, and 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).  The punishment included a letter of reprimand. 

An E-4 used their Government Travel Charge Card at a strip club for $1,798 and the following day, falsely reported the charges as fraudulent. Awarded 30 days of extra duty, a forfeiture of $2,569, and a reduction in paygrade to E-3. 

Reserve Personnel:   

An E-5 was separated by conviction at Special Court Martial for committing travel claim fraud in the amount of $31,327.72 by falsifying their temporary residence to receive daily travel allowances and daily lodging rate not actually authorized.  The member was sentenced to a reduction to the grade of E-2, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, a bad conduct discharge, and confinement for eight years.  

An E-6 used a water gun on a superior commissioned officer during the raising of the colors. Awarded a reduction in paygrade to E-5. 

The commission of one ENS was revoked due to an inappropriate relationship with an enlisted member while being married. 

Civilian Personnel--Disciplinary/Administrative Actions:   

A GS-11 received a reprimand for unprofessional conduct after calling into a command center while intoxicated and then being rude and abusive while on the phone with a duty officer. 

A WS-11 supervisor received a reprimand for failure to follow policy by failing to contact the fire department regarding burning wire cables and failing to notify the chain of command about the incident. 

Additional information:  

Previous GOAD reports are available here.   

Additional resources on the topics of workplace harassment can be found at:  Anti-Harassment Program Management Office (   

How to File an Anti-Harassment and Hate Incident (AHHI) Complaint:  

Anyone, civilian or military, who has witnessed or has been subject to behavior believed to be harassment or hate may make an AHHI complaint to:   

  • Any person of authority within the member or employee’s chain of command, or   
  • The AHPO (identified or anonymously) at:   
  • Email:; or   
  • Phone: 1-833-403-2476.   


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