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Commentary | June 6, 2024

User Guide: How to make the most out of the Manta Virtual Desktop

By Jason Allred MyCG Web Editor

Experience technology on your own terms with the cutting-edge solution from the Coast Guard C5ISC team, designed to elevate your digital experience. MyCG has cooked up a full walkthrough of how to benefit from the new tool. Besides why you should use it, there are also some resources for making your user experience the best it can be. 

What is Manta Virtual Desktop? 

Do you remember the virtual desktop interface (VDI) that had its challenges? Manta Virtual Desktop (MVD) replaced the older system. The main difference between MVD and the previous VDI is that MVD offers improved functionality and reliability. You can read our first article to see reviews from early adopters. 

It's important to remember that MVD is intended to provide the same capabilities as a Coast Guard workstation. MVD can do anything (well almost anything) a CG workstation on the CGONE side can do. Flexibility is what sets the MVD environment apart from traditional CG workstations. MVD is accessible on laptops, desktops (Windows, Apple, and Linux), tablets, and phones. You can use MVD with anything that's CAC enabled and has access to the respective app stores or web browsers. 

Why use it? 

Besides being fast, convenient, accessible, and using your preferred technology (Mac users, take note!), it's also secure and Coast Guard approved. It'd be great to send that last-minute email from home without having to remember your workstation as you rush home. Getting tired of waiting for your connection to a VPN every morning? MVD fixes that too! 

How to get access 

If you're looking for the most up-to-date user guides, device requirements, or even a Q&A about MVD, check out the dedicated SharePoint page (CAC required). The following links will walk you through the steps needed to start using MVD, separated by user requirements. 

Most members should be able to get online and setup in 15 minutes or less. Using the user guides, you'll download your remote desktop software, authenticate your account, and log in. The hardest part of the login process is finding the appropriate application or finding the website once you've done the initial installation. After that, verify your CAC credentials. 

Other helpful solutions 

This video explains what MVD is, for those who are interested. 

How about joining a Teams channel dedicated to MVD? 

If you like to "ask questions later," here are direct links to MVD clients downloads for Windows and Mac. 

Important caveats 
  • Users need CAC readers to use MVD. CAC readers are not furnished equipment, so you’ll be responsible for obtaining one.  
  • Devices need a way to use the CAC reader to access MVD 
  • Interface of the device on MVD may require customization (sound, saving files, bookmarks, etc.) 
  • MVD is treated like a Coast Guard workstation. This means anything prohibited on your workstation is also prohibited on MVD. So, no games, system changes, unapproved downloads etc. 
Final thoughts 

MVD is great for Coast Guard workers who need flexibility, additional accessibility, or just want to control how they interact with their work. Get more productivity and efficiency with MVD and share this with your colleagues so they can do the same. 


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