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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Jan. 31, 2024

Coast Guard's Manta Virtual Desktop revolutionizes work

By Jason Allred, MyCG Web Editor

Embracing the technological revolution is a priority for the Coast Guard. Introducing the Manta Virtual Desktop (MVD), a system designed to transform daily workflow and productivity. A "game-changer" for active-duty Coast Guard members, civilians, and contractor staff, MVD replaces the aging VDI infrastructure, allowing for unparalleled user experience and flexibility. 

MVD is available now! Prefer to learn through video? Check out this walkthrough for MVD. 

Enhanced Efficiency and Connectivity 

An enthusiastic MVD user, Petty Officer First Class Luis Delgado Lopez, highlights the significant improvements in login speed and application response. "The speed and stability of MVD have significantly improved my workflow. It's like working from a CG workstation but with the added advantage of flexibility and quicker response times."  

Due to the lengthy login and synchronization process, the legacy remote system often caused delays. With MVD, you'll get faster logins and a quicker app response, which means you'll finish work faster. Time savings and efficiency have been significantly improved thanks to the system's adaptability and responsiveness. 

In addition to Lopez' experience, Chief Warrant Officer Adam Peers says MVD's speed and flexibility set it apart. "I don't need to haul my laptop back and forth when working from home and I am not sacrificing efficiency by not bringing my laptop home. I can literally do everything I need to do on MVD."  

When asked how he liked the MVD, Chief Warrant Officer Peers gave it an astounding 11/10. For specific applications like CGONE, the MVD saves Peers a lot of manpower. "MVD allows me to access CGONE quickly. The previous method would take 15-20 minutes to log on and if I walked away for 30-45 minutes it would completely log me out of my session, requiring me to log in (costing me) another 15-20 minutes. MVD logs me in within 1-2 minutes every time regardless of whether I was logged in recently."  

Additionally, with MVD we are finally able to offer a remote solution for Mac users.  MVD is fully functional on Mac OS with a simple application install and a CAC reader! 

Onboarding and Training 

"The user experience is fantastic. The installation and login are straightforward, making it easy for individuals, regardless of their technical expertise.", said Delgado Lopez.

For those of us who are reading information about an IT system and thinking "I hate technology," don't worry, MVD is simple to get started with. Should you need additional help visit Manta Virtual Desktop (

Addressing Challenges 

While MVD has been a big help, it's not without challenges. In particular, this is new tech that needs to be managed over time to hopefully give an identical experience to CG workstations (minus the inefficiencies). Due to some challenges with ActivClient , Lopez says he has "occasional problems" accessing certain sites and sending emails. There are a few hiccups here and there, but they're rare, and the fix is to remove and reinsert the CAC, and then restart.  But to mitigate this, C5ISC offered an option to use MVD without ActivClient, eliminating those issues. Even with these minor challenges, MVD's impact on daily operations far outweighs any inconveniences. 

As the MVD becomes more widely used look to fill out feedback here.  

A more connected future 

The Coast Guard's adoption of the Manta Virtual Desktop represents a significant stride toward a more technologically advanced and efficient future. The firsthand experiences of users like Petty Officer 1st Class Luis Delgado Lopez and CWO-2 Adam Peers underscore MVD's positive impact on daily operations, from faster login processes to enhanced flexibility in remote support. As the USCG moves toward broader integration of MVD, it not only promises increased efficiency but also aligns with the broader technological revolution envisioned by the Commandant in shaping the future of the Coast Guard workforce. The transition from VDI to MVD signifies a step into a new era, where connectivity, flexibility, and user satisfaction are at the forefront, ultimately embodying the spirit of "Semper Paratus" in the digital age.



Manta Virtual Desktop Site 

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