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My Coast Guard
Commentary | June 26, 2024

Future Cape May grads will head to one-week acclimation course

By AJ Pulkkinen, MyCG writer

The Coast Guard is developing a weeklong course to help new enlisted members transition to military life – being away from home, working as a team, and more.  

Sentinel Transformation and Readiness Training course, or START, will delay members’ arrival to their first unit, but will better prepare them to hit the ground running. 

After Friday graduation at Training Center (TRACEN) Cape May, the service’s newest members will head to Yorktown by bus and enter START that Monday. They’ll learn expected field behavior – and how to deal with unexpected situations.  

The course’s key focus areas are:  

  • Intervention Skills 
  • Interpersonal Communications/Relationships 
  • Reinforcement of Core Values 
  • Financial Literacy  
  • Resilience Building   

Members start learning about these topics in boot camp, but START’s less-stressful environment will help them practice and retain skills vital to their future success.  

Through a carefully sequenced curriculum, instructors will equip them with essential knowledge to thrive both personally and professionally in the workforce.  

Beta tests will start later this year, with full launch in 2025. 

Following START, members may take leave, head to their first permanent duty station, or participate in the hometown recruiting program

Interested in joining the START instructor team to shape the future of the enlisted workforce? Be on the lookout for an ALCGENL coming out later this year seeking applications to become a START Instructor. 


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