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Resource | Jan. 27, 2021

Ideas @ Work

CG_Ideas@Work is a crowdsourcing platform that allows Coast Guard service members, civilian employees and auxiliarists to propose ideas for innovation. Users can post their ideas and vote or comment on others.

CG_Ideas@Work also hosts innovation challenges in which Coast Guard program leaders present a problem that the service is facing and seek input from the entire service on potential solutions. Recent challenges include how to increase lifejacket usage rates, how to reduce the power consumption of moored ships and how to best use mobile computing in the Coast Guard.

Ideas that the Coast Guard puts into use are eligible for the annual Captain Niels P. Thomsen Innovation Awards, which recognize the most significant innovations in five categories: science and technology; operations or readiness; administration, training or support; management; and cultural change.

Coast Guard personnel can access CG_Ideas@Work here.