My Coast Guard

Jan. 19, 2024

Learn about the Coast Guard’s new rating: Talent Acquisition Specialist

The TA rating will be open to E5 and above.

Jan. 19, 2024

Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) Program new requirement

The opt-out timeline for the MGIB Program has been extended. Here’s what you need to know.

Jan. 19, 2024

Coast Guard hero, FRC namesake Charles Sexton

"It has long been understood that the Coast Guard faces danger every day, but that could not be more true than a day on the Columbia River Bar" - Chief Quartermaster Bill Segelken

Jan. 19, 2024

January is OPSEC Month

We all have responsibilities to help maintain operations security.

Jan. 19, 2024

Recognize your Ombudsman

The Coast Guard wants your nomination for the 2023 Wanda Allen-Yearout Ombudsman of the Year Award.

Jan. 19, 2024

Recognize, celebrate your coworker’s contributions to Civil Rights

Between January and May, ALCOASTS soliciting nominations for each award will be posted on the Civil Rights Directorate Civil Rights Award Program webpage.

Jan. 18, 2024

Data Team One’s robotic process automation

Revolutionizing resource operations

Jan. 16, 2024

MyCG 2023 Year-in-Review

We take a look back at our top articles, changes from the past year.

Jan. 12, 2024

Seeking nominations for the 2023 Captain Niels P. Thomsen Innovation Awards

Nominations can be submitted through a challenge on the Coast Guard’s crowd-sourcing platform, CG_Ideas@Work, before Jan. 31, 2024.