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Seeking Nominations for the 2020 Public Affairs Awards


The Coast Guard wants to honor those who provide timely and accurate information so that the public, our legislators and the news media can understand our members' service and its impact.

The Coast Guard Office of Public Affairs is seeking nominations for two awards:

  • Chief Journalist Alex Haley Award - named for the renowned author and Coast Guard journalist, recognizes achievements of individual authors and photographers whose published works have helped raise service visibility.
  • Commander Jim Simpson Award - named in honor of the first press assistant to the Commandant, recognizes excellence in an all-encompassing unit public affairs program.

All Coast Guard units are eligible and encouraged to participate. Units with assigned Public Affairs Specialists will be evaluated separately.  Those units in which a public affairs detachment is co-located will be considered as units without assigned Public Affairs Specialists, as long as unit personnel are primarily responsible for the public affairs achievements cited in the award submission.

Submit your package for consideration no later than Feb. 15, 2021.