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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Dec. 20, 2021

New DoD365 Teams user guides available for shoreside, cutters

By Kathy Murray, MyCG Writer

Did you know that you can use DoD365 Teams to call home while serving aboard a cutter? Or that back onshore, there actually are ways to avoid the dreaded “stuck in the lobby” scenario? You know, the one where you’ve been invited to a Teams meeting but can’t get in?   

These are just some of the topics covered in the new DoD365 Teams User Guides now available on the Coast Guard’s DoD365 Portal. Unique resources for cutters and shoreside users offer a crash course in using Teams to communicate, as well as plain language tips to resolve the most common problems users and meeting guests encounter.   

Both guides are specifically designed to help users navigate Teams calls and video chats and offer clear instructions for how to operate within Teams to get what you need. You can find more information on the DoD365 Portal Page (CAC required to access) to learn about using Teams in general. 

In addition to providing quick answers, the guides also dispel some misconceptions. For example, members serving aboard cutters can access Teams, and conduct video or voice calls with family, even if their email hasn’t been migrated to DoD365.  As the cutter guide explains, you must use the web version of Teams. The cutter guide provides an explanation of the nuances and how to work around them for users who were not migrated to DoD365 email. 

The new guides also outline best practices and offer instructions that you can give to your guests. One of the most common issues for Teams calls is that external users can have difficulty joining. This can happen even when they’ve been sent and responded “yes” to an invite. The remedy to this and other common issues are all spelled out in the guides.  

To learn more about making your calls and meetings successful, check out the new guides on the DoD365 Portal Page here (CAC required to access).  

Check out what other users had to say about the guides: 

“I found it to be a huge moral boost to be able to see and speak with family and friends while underway and I am extremely appreciative of the efforts put into this for us” – Cutter user.  

“We were able to successfully join TEAMS meetings with outside agencies using the directions in your job aid.  It is very helpful, thanks so much!” – Shore side user. 

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