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Commentary | Jan. 12, 2022

Everything active duty senior chiefs need to know about the May 2022 MCAP 

By Chief Warrant Officer 4 Allyson E.T. Conroy, MyCG Staff

The 2022 Master Chief Advancement Panel (MCAP) is scheduled to convene May 9, 2022. This panel, which is convened once a year, will review packages from active duty senior chief petty officers and recommending those who are eligible for advancement to master chief petty officer for each rating except for musician.  

All senior chief petty officers should be aware of the eligibility requirements and become familiar with the contents of the following:  

Commands are encouraged to discuss eligibility requirements with their members, since failure to follow these guidelines will not justify a waiver.  


If you believe you are eligible for your record to appear before the MCAP in May, please see the current eligibility requirements are outlined in the Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, chapter five. You may view additional advancement information here (Portal link that currently is unavailable). You must complete all of your requirements by Feb. 1.  Beginning in mid-February you will be able to verify your eligibility using the personal data extract (PDE) in Direct Access. Keep your eyes open for a PSC-EPM message listing all of the initial candidates around Feb. 18. If you feel you should be on the list and are not, or if corrections need to be made to your PDE, you have until April 1 to make those corrections. The final eligibility list is expected to be published no later than April 15. Only those members who are listed on the final eligibility list will be considered for advancement during the 2022 MCAP. 


If you believe you need a waiver, the following waivers apply: 

Candidate Responsibilities 

Verify your PDE. It is your responsibility as the candidate to ensure your online PDE shows a status of “eligible” in order to be considered for advancement by the 2022 MCAP. If your record went in front of a previous MCAP, you should not assume that you are automatically eligible for the 2022 MCAP. You have to verify your PDE. 

If you expect that you will be away from your unit for an extended period of time – an extensive C-school, deployments, TDY, family leave, etc., you should make arrangements to verify your PDE.  

Report incorrect information:  

In the process of verifying your PDE, you find incorrect information, report it to your unit admin or servicing personnel office (SPO). After reporting incorrect data, you must verify your PDE again to make sure those corrections are complete. This must be done by the PDE correction deadline, April 1.  

If your online PDE is not complete, you should submit a trouble ticket prior to April 1, to PPC by e-mail to  

It is important that PDE corrections are visible on the online PDE and completed no later than April 1.  If you don’t verify by the April 1 deadline, you will have a “Not Eligible” status for the 2022 MCAP.  

Verify your military record.  You must ensure that your personnel record is up to date and accurate. Are all of your award citations and administrative remarks in your official military personnel file (OMPF)? THE Military Personnel Data Records (PDR) System, provides a complete list of documents maintained in the OMPF. 

As stated in the Guidance and Eligibility Criteria for Enlisted Personnel Boards and Panels (CAC enabled) the panel will review the past seven years of employee enlisted reviews (EER) and information contained within the OMPF. The panel will review the entire employee summary sheet (ESS). Therefore, the 2022 MCAP will review all OMPF documents and EERs with a date of May 8, 2015 to May 8, 2022. All records must be updated by April 24, 2022. Any updates to a candidate’s record after this deadline will not be included as part of their record for the 2022 MCAP. You can find information on how to request and update your record in the Access to Military Records in Preparation for the Coast Guard Transition to iPerms ALCGPSC 121/21 as well as the EPM-1 MCAP Coast Guard portal page in the “How to Update Your Personnel Record” document. When submitting your requests, indicate “URGENT: MCAP CANDIDATE” in the subject line. 

You are also encouraged to review the applicable Commandant and Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Guidance to Enlisted Selection Boards and Panels. The panel members will have this document, which clearly sets forth the Commandant’s vision for selection to Master Chief Petty Officer.   

High Year Tenure  

As stated in chapter three of the Military Separations manual, active duty enlisted members who reach or exceed their professional growth point (PGP) on or before Dec. 31, 2022 – the 2023 High Year Tenure (HYT) Candidates - must separate or retire unless granted a waiver.  If this applies to you and you meet all MCAP eligibility requirements, you can still participate in the 2022 MCAP. However, you will not be guaranteed advancement even if placed above the published cutoff unless you request a HYT waiver from CG PSC EPM-1, and are granted a waiver that includes advancement authority.  For more information regarding HYT, visit CG PSC-EPM-1’s portal page. 

Comms with the panel 

Is there something that you would like to communicate with the panel? As a candidate you have the opportunity to submit communication to the panel. Guidance regarding this communication is provided in the following: 

Please email all communication to the panel by April 24, 2022. Communication received after April 24 will not be accepted. Please use the subject line “MCAP Panel Communication.” 

Good luck to all eligible candidates.  

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