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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Feb. 2, 2024

Drumroll ... Meet CG-OWL, the Coast Guard’s future learning management system

By AJ Pulkkinen, MyCG Team writer

The new name for the learning management system is CG-OWL: Coast Guard Online World of Learning. The symbol of Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom and military strategy - what is more representative of learning than an owl?  

Force Readiness Command (FORCECOM) is adopting a new platform for the learning management system. FORCECOM was “owl” ears when it hosted a survey in December to solicit input on five names proposed for the new learning management system and to request your creative alternatives. 

Twhooo members suggested the acronym OWL 

When informed by Rear Adm. Jeffrey Randall, Commander of FORCECOM, that his suggestion was selected, Chief Warrant Officer Ian Gable, Marine Safety Unit Pittsburg humbly replied, “I’m glad I could contribute.” Gable, who was selected by his peers as Spirit of the CWO at his graduation of Chief Warrant Officer Professional Development Class 04-23 last year, is coincidentally joining the FORCECOM Team this summer when he transfers to Training Center Yorktown to be an instructor. 

Petty Officer 3rd Class Tysen Pompos, Intelligence Coordination Center, also suggested CG-OWL. Rear Adm. Randall’s call surprised IS3 Pompos, a watchstander in the Commandant’s Intelligence Plot. “That’s amazing,” said Pompos. “I remember filling out the survey while on a slow weekend shift. I never expected that filling out a survey in my downtime could lead to such an impact!” 

Learning will be a hoot! 

CG-OWL will fly out in stages, starting this spring. CG-OWL will have the same courses, enrollments, completions, and reporting as the current Learning Management System (LMS), although you may notice a new look and feel. Future stages will introduce new features, like the ability to customize your user interface. Eventually, CG OWL will be available to a larger audience, including Auxiliary, ombudsmen, and international students. 

Are you a night owl? CG-OWL can be accessed with a CAC-reader from anywhere, any time to knock out some mandatory training or the various other courses offered. Courses span from law enforcement to personal financial readiness, from HC-27J Landing Gear System Module to Introduction to Advanced Baking. Soon you’ll be asking yourself how many clicks it will take to complete your Veteran’s Employment Training!  

Survey responses 

You sure answered FORCEOM’s call for creativity. There were 1,003 responses and 278 unique names suggested. The survey asked respondents to rate each of the five original proposed names. On a scale of one to five stars, you gave: 

  • 3.00 stars to CG TEACH: Tailored Education and Credentialing Hub 
  • 2.03 stars to STRIPE: System for Training and Ready Individualized Performance Education
  • 1.94 stars to Your Optimized Development Assistant
  • 1.75 stars to SSP: Sentinel Skill Platform
  • ​1.53 stars to CG LIFE: Learning Is ForEver 

Some creative alternative names you submitted were:  

  • CG HALO: Hybrid Advanced Learning Opportunities
  • CG HELM: Homeland Education and Learning Management
  • CG LEARN: Leadership, Education, Advancement, and Readiness Network
  • CG TRAIN: Training, Readiness, And Information Network
  • CG WORLDS: Workforce Optimization, Readiness, Learning Development System
  • CG Knowledge Online
  • CG University
  • Coastie-LEARN: Coast Guard Learning and Education for Advancement, Readiness and Navigation
  • Learning McLearning Face
  • LIBO: Learning and Instruction Brought Online
  • LIFE: Learn Individually, Flexible Education
  • LMS 2: Lost in New York
  • MiDRTS: Modernized Individual Development Resource and Training System
  • MyPET: Pathway to Education & Training
  • MyPT: My Professional Training
  • MORTI: Management Of Resources for Training and Instruction
  • OAR: Observation, Attention and Retention Learning
  • PEDAL: Professional and Education Development Application for Learning
  • SEMPER: System for Electronic Management of Professional Educational Readiness
  • SPECTRA: Skills, Proficiency, Education, and Comprehensive Training Resource
  • TIDE: Training, Instruction, and Development Environment for the Coast Guard
  • YEATON: Your Education and Training Online Navigator
  • YELP: Your Education and Learning Platform   

Thank you to all who participated in the survey, even if your name wasn’t selected at the end! Owl’s well that ends well!  



ALCOAST 055/24 

Vote to name the new modernized learning management system!