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Nov. 28, 2022

Coast Guard families share their homes, hearts, and reasons for adopting 

Coast Guard families share their adoption stories during National Military Adoption Month; learn how Coast Guard funding helped them with their journeys. 

Nov. 23, 2022

Coast Guard to the rescue as stretches of the Mississippi run dry

Cuttermen handle unprecedented workload with poise

Nov. 22, 2022

Coast Guard expands Hometown Recruiting Program (HTRP) just in time for the holidays 

Spend extra time with family by helping recruit in your hometown.

Nov. 21, 2022

Tips, resources, and strategies to safely enjoy the holidays

Suggestions pulled from CGSUPRT to help you enjoy the holiday season. 

Nov. 18, 2022

The Long Blue Line: Joseph Toahty, a Pawnee warrior who served at Guadalcanal with Douglas Munro

Native Native American Joseph Robert Toahty, who served in the Coast Guard in World War II.

Nov. 18, 2022

Members recertify your Direct Access account by Dec. 19

Annual renewals due by Dec. 19

Nov. 17, 2022

Panelists reflect on Native American Heritage Month

Coast Guard celebrates Native American Heritage Month "Celebrating Respect, Culture, and Education."

Nov. 16, 2022

Mentoring opportunity for DHS women in law enforcement  

The DHS Women in Law Enforcement Mentoring Program is accepting applications for those interested in mentoring and being a mentee.  

Nov. 16, 2022

Are you financially prepared for the holidays? 

Read on for important saving tips.